Relief news from Angola - 7 Jun 2011  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news from Angola.
Incessant rains flooding southwestern Angola from March to April claimed at least 25 lives as the nation's Minister of Urbanization and Construction Fernando Fonseca stated that along with homes, many roads, bridges and embankments were in need of rebuilding and fortification.

Conveying her condolences and prayers, Supreme Master Ching Hai donated US$10,000, asking that our Association members please go if possible to comfort the most desperate.

This amount could purchase US$54,000 in urgent necessities obtained in the United States, based on Angola’s cost of living. Upon receiving the Angolan government’s permission to conduct relief work in May, our Association’s Chinese relief team immediately traveled to one of the most flood-stricken regions.

As per Supreme Master Ching Hai’s request for updates, the following is a report from our Association’s relief team.

May 22, 2011
Re: Relief work
in Benguela Province, Angola Most Beloved Master, In accordance with Master's instructions, we immediately contacted Angolan officials,who told us that Benguela Province was most in need of help. We arrived in Benguela on May 20 and met with the commander of the national rescue center, Mr. Jose.

He accompanied us to the stricken town of Baia Farta where river banks on both sides of the villages had flooded and washed away their crops.

While the Angolan government had set up tents to relocate the victims, they were lacking food.
We purchased 477 packs of rice, each 25 kilograms. To transport rice to the victims in mountainous regions, we contacted a local Chinese company, Angola Wan Peng Lda, which arranged a truck for us to use, free of charge.

Together with Mr. Jose, we delivered the relief supplies to the storm victims, along with 3,000 SOS leaflets about the vegan solution for climate change.

The relief recipients cheered for us and repeatedly conveyed their thankfulness for Supreme Master Ching Hai’s compassionate care. We too, thank you Master, for your far-reaching and unconditional love!

Relief team in Angola

VOICE: Our gratefulness to Supreme Master Ching Hai for allowing us to share these details with our viewers, as well as to our Association’s Foreign Group for providing this report.

We gratefully thank the Angolan government, Mr. Jose, and Angola Wan Peng Lda, for your assistance. Our appreciation also for Supreme Master Ching Hai's heartfelt support of the disaster-afflicted, as well as our Association’s relief team for their diligent endeavors.

With Heaven’s grace, may the Angolan people soon return to the comfort of regular daily lives as our kinder actions help restore the balance of the ecosphere.

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