Heavy oils and tar sands create more emissions. - 6 Jan 2011  
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As the world's reservoirs of light crude oil dwindle, petroleum exploration and development in the US has been placing greater emphasis on finding and processing so-called “unconventional” oil stocks, such as tar sands and heavy oils.

However, extracting and refining these sources generates up to 39% more greenhouse gas emissions. Mr. Greg Karras of the US-based Communities for a Better Environment warns of the consequences of methods such as tar sand extraction. He stated, “While we talk about the need to transition to more sustainable forms of energy, actual dollar investments are increasingly skewed towards investing in more pollution-intensive — more energy-intensive — primary sources of petroleum.”

Thank you, Mr. Karras and Communities for a Better Environment, for highlighting the increasing environmental and climate costs of fossil fuel-based energy sources. Let us all work more diligently toward implementing truly carbon-neutral technologies in all aspects of our lives.

During an April 2009 videoconference in South Korea, Supreme Master Ching Hai, as on previous occasions, addressed our need for cleaner energy as part of a larger priority solution for global warming.

But if we are frugal and use less on materials, we can decrease some of our reliance on energy sources and reduce somewhat our greenhouse gas emissions.

But as mentioned earlier, being vegan is the most frugal and the key to a more secure and stable world. With a halt to livestock raising, we will stop producing enormous amounts of methane, a gas which is 72 times more potent in heat trapping qualities than CO2.

I think we should encourage people to be vegan and we will see so much new inventions in time, new technologies that are beneficial and safe for our world. Right now, vegan is the solution. Everything else we can discuss later when we are still alive.

Carne =