Future e-car for urban mobility unveiled. - 15 Jan 2011  
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Imagine a vehicle capable of navigating without a driver, which can be driven individually or joined with other vehicles in a train for more efficient travel. It can also avoid obstacles, park itself and will automatically return to the owner when summoned from a smartphone application!

This is the new concept car EN-V, or Electric Networked Vehicle by US-based auto manufacturer General Motors in partnership with green transportation company Segway, Inc. The EN-V debuted at the recent Consumers Electronics Show in Nevada, USA following a six-month exhibit at the Shanghai World Expo in China.

Designed for urban short-commuting distances, the two-wheeled, two-seater EN-V measures 1.5 meters by 1.5 meters, and contains lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged with conventional outlets.

Estimated to be production ready within a decade at a cost of US$10,000, the eco-friendly vehicle can easily share a parking space with four or five other EN-Vs. Speaking of the niche envisioned for the car, General Motors' Director of Advanced Technology Vehicle Concepts, Chris Borroni-Bird stated, “Building more and wider roads is expensive and doesn't really solve all of the problems, meaning that smarter solutions are needed.

Public transportation is important, but with so many people going from point to point in different directions, some personal transport is needed as well.” What an exciting glimpse into future transportation design!

Bravo General Motors and Segway, Inc. for bringing together streamlined function with concern for the environment. May the EN-V inspire many more toward such innovative vehicles that are smart, efficient and green!

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