Scientists say carbon storing is not a viable solution - 16 May 2010  
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With countries like Britain, Australia and the US poised to implement carbon capture and storage processes (CCS) in an attempt to reduce global warming, a research paper from Houston University in the United States is casting doubts on the practicality of such plans.

The paper states first of all that it would require a reservoir the size of a small US state to contain the carbon dioxide produced by even one power station.

Co-authors Drs. Michael Economides, professor of chemical engineering at Houston University, and Christene Ehlig-Economides, professor of energy engineering at Texas A&M University, go on to assert that previous models of CCS are inaccurate because they assume a constant pressure from the carbon as it is stored in underground rock structures.

In fact, the pressure on surrounding rock will likely become so intense in places that it would cause fractures, with the escaping carbon eventually migrating back to the surface.
The paper concludes by stating, "(CCS) is not a practical means to provide any substantive reduction in CO2 emissions, although it has been repeatedly presented as such by others."

In response, the British Geological Survey has affirmed its intention to quickly review the findings and produce a peer-reviewed analysis.

Drs. Economides, Ehlig-Economides and all participating scientists, we are grateful for your careful evaluation of the urgent matter of handling carbon emissions. May we be guided to planet-cooling actions that bring a lasting revival of our ecosphere.

Supreme Master Ching Hai often urges for the most effective way to solve global warming, as during an international gathering with our Association members in February 2008.

Supreme Master Ching Hai : Everybody knows by now, from the UN Report that meat eating, animal raising, it’s one of the worst factors, or even the worst factor of global warming.
And nobody talks about it. Everybody says, okay, new energy, biofuel, hybrid car, dig a hole  and store the carbon. As if it will not bust one day.

What is so difficult, to put down one piece of meat, and replace it with one piece of tofu. Which is exactly the same, better nutrition. Better for your health. More economized.

Carne =