Animal rights organization calls for ban on live skinning of fish - 10 Feb 2011  
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Animal rights organization calls for ban on live skinning of fish. Mercy for Animals, a US-based animal advocacy organization in the USA, has revealed an undercover investigation video of live catfish being skinned and sliced fully-conscious at a processing center in Texas, USA. The footage of the animal struggling when the worker removed the fin and skin by constant flapping until the fish's head was dismembered further testifies to recent research demonstrating that fish feel pain in a manner similar to mammals. The organization is calling on the government to ban such torturous slaughter methods and is asking that consumers adopt the humane vegan diet to spare fish and all other sentient beings such sacrifice in the food production.

We are deeply saddened to know of the suffering of these aquatic animals as we thank Mercy for Animals for your efforts to bring such cruelty to the attention of the public. May more and more people realize the benefits of plant-based fare to both our health and ultimate peace of mind.
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