US Senate passes shark-finning ban - 26 Dec 2010  
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US Senate passes shark-finning ban. In an effort to save the fast-disappearing sharks, the US Senate passed a bill that prohibits a current practice of removing the shark’s fins while out at sea and disposing of its conscious yet painfully dying body back into the ocean. It is estimated that 73 million sharks are killed each year for humans to consume their fins. This has led to a 90% reduction in several shark species, with some that are now living on the brink of extinction. Nancy Perry, vice president for government affairs at The Humane Society of the United States, said, “This legislation will help address not only an unspeakably cruel practice of removing fins from live animals and then releasing them to suffer a slow death, it will also help address on the macro level the rapid decline of shark populations.”

Our heartfelt appreciation, US Senate for this measure to help save the sharks. May these and all animals of land and sea soon be protected and secure as people everywhere choose humane and life-affirming plant-based fare.

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