Bangladesh okays strict law to protect endangered animals - 23 Nov 2010  
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New Bangladeshi legislation protects endangered animals. On Friday, November 19, Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina approved a strict national wildlife protection law. With detailed measures that prohibit the killing of elephants, leopards, clouded leopards, gibbons, sambar deer, crocodiles, whales, dolphins, pythons, and birds, the new measure also implements much more stringent penalties, including jail sentences.

Our grateful appreciation, Your Excellency, for this new law offering greater protection to cherished beings in the wild. May other nations be similarly motivated to offer all animal co-inhabitants the respect and safety they so deserve.

Supreme Master Ching Hai is honoring Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina with the Shining World Leadership Award, along with US$30,000 for further encouraging Her Excellency’s noble job, with all her love, gratitude, and high praises.
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