Canadian seal hunters lose bid to lift EU import ban - 01 Nov 2010  
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European Union seal ban goes into full effect. On Thursday, October 28 the European Union General Court ruled to overturn the previous suspension of a ban on importing seal products. With European Judge Marc Jaeger’s rescinding of the suspension, the ban now goes into full effect and prohibits trade in products from all commercial seal hunts, including those in Canada, Namibia, and Norway. International Fund for Animal Welfare’s (IFAW) European Union director, Lesley O’Donnell commended the ruling, saying, “This ban is about the right of Europeans to say 'No' to products that stem from cruel and unnecessary hunts. IFAW will continue to work to defend this right and to defend the EU seal ban.”

Honorable Judge Jaeger and European Union General Court, we laud your humane decision as we also send earnest thanks to the International Fund for Animal Welfare and all involved in supporting this life-saving measure. May many countries be similarly motivated toward measures that uphold and protect all cherished co-inhabitants that grace our Earth.
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