US House of Representatives backs fur labeling law - 7 Aug 2010  
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Following investigations conducted by the Humane Society of the United States that found widespread mislabeling of certain fur items in the fashion industry, a bill proposed by Congressman Jim Moran has received unanimous approval in the lower house of Congress.

The Truth in Fur Labeling Act requires all items containing animal fur to be specified, regardless of value. Prior to the bill’s passage, fur items valued at less than US$150 did not require labeling. However, testing by the Humane Society revealed, for example, that 96% of all fur-trimmed jackets contained domestic dog, wolf or raccoon fur and were either mislabeled or not labeled at all.

Congressman Moran stated, “Most people would be outraged to learn that their favorite hat or pair of gloves was lined, not with faux fur, but with the fur of their favorite companion animal. But it's a reality.” The bill will now move to the US Senate for approval.

A big bravo Congressman Moran, US House of Representatives and Humane Society of the United States for your commitment to providing this truthful information to the public.

May such a noble measure bring us one step closer to the day when all human apparel is animal-free, as we regard our cherished co-inhabitants with respect and love.
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