Spanish public welcomes victory of bullfighting ban in Catalonia - 5 Aug 2010  
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The Catalonian Parliament’s vote in favor of the region-wide prohibition of bullfighting was hailed internationally in the animal protection movement.

Based a proposal originating from concerned animal welfare groups, the measure was supported by 180,000 citizens’ signatures, including those of many Spanish celebrities, journalists, and philosophers, who wished to see the cruel activity forever banned.

Ms. Mireya Ivanovic Barbeito, President of Spain’s Party Against Bullfighting, Cruelty and Mistreatment to Animals (PACMA) commented on the landmark decision.

Mireya Ivanovic Barbeito – President of Party Against Bullfighting, Cruelty and Mistreatment to Animals (PACMA), Vegan (F): This does serve as a model because it has been, as I mentioned before, by popular demand. There’s a democratic demand, and that shows us that in organizing social movements, traditions can be changed which supposedly are deep-rooted and which can mean progress for our culture.

But we cannot forget the other animals that are also suffering. There are the animals on farms, animals being experimented on, so there are a lot of fronts to keep fighting on to achieve animal liberation.

VOICE: Many people in Spain seem to appreciate the new law as it reflects changing perceptions towards bulls and other animals. Supreme Master Television’s correspondent in Spain conducted a brief poll to find out more.

Spain correspondent (M): From Spain for Supreme Master Television, we are on the street to find out the people’s opinion in regards to the ban on bullfighting in Catalonia.

Correspondent (M): What is your reaction to the news that they have managed to ban bullfighting in Catalonia?

Citizen - Spain (F): My reaction is positive because I feel good that they do not mistreat animals that are being raised to suffer.

Citizen - Spain (M): Bulls are like any other animals and seeing them suffering like that, I don’t like it, truly.

Correspondent (M): What would be the correct way to treat animals?

Citizen - Spain (F): In general there should be a law that supports them, that they are cared for and that everyone is responsible. There should be laws which punish people who mistreat animals.

Correspondent (M): What would be the correct way to treat all the animals?

Citizen - Spain (F): The correct way is with love and respect.
Reporting from Spain for Supreme Master Television.

VOICE: Bravo once again to the Catalonian Parliament and Spanish citizens for your devoted endeavors that have brought greater protection to our animal co-inhabitants.
May the day come soon when all degrading cruelties to animals are forever ended as humans and animals enjoy an elevated co-existence.
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