US city council approves expanded rules to better protect entertainment animals - 26 Jul 2010  
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By a unanimous vote, City Council of Sacramento, California approved an amendment to help safeguard the well-being of animals in traveling circuses and rodeos.

Presented by Councilperson Sandy Sheedy, the new rule will establish an application process and permits for traveling animal exhibitors as well as allowing city animal control officers to inspect the animals and their environments at any time to best ensure humane care and treatment.

The Council members voted in favor of the amendment after viewing video footage demonstrating the cruel treatment of circus trainers, who used bullhooks to hit elephants in the face, trunk and body while they were waiting to perform.

They also heard testimony from such experts as Dr. Elliot Katz, founder of the organization In Defense of Animals, who informed of the many foot and joint diseases suffered by circus elephants due to their constant confinement and unnatural movements required to perform tricks.

Bravo, Councilmember Sheedy, other Sacramento City Council members, Dr. Katz, In Defense of Animals and other supporters for your success in providing better care for innocent animals.
May the day come soon that all our fellow co-inhabitants live in full freedom with humanity’s protection, love and respect.
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