Irish politicians ban stag hunting with hounds - 4 Jul 2010  
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On Tuesday, June 29, the Republic of Ireland’s Parliament voted to ban the cruel practice of the Ward Union hunt that previously was exercised twice weekly at certain times of the year.

For this event, a red deer that had been kept in captivity and whose antlers were also sawed off, would be released and then pursued for miles by a pack of hounds and a hunter on horseback.

Although not killed, the terrified deer could die of injuries or heart failure and even if he survived, would be kept to be hunted again. The ban thus eliminates the Ward Union hunt altogether as well as any need for the keeping of captive deer. A standing ovation, Irish Parliamentarians, for your vote of compassion.

May this measure inspire many more, in Ireland and across the world,
that provide our animal co-inhabitants with the love, respect and freedom they so deserve.
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