Tasmanian government bans pig crates - 25 Jun 2010  
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Following a campaign by advocacy groups Animals Australia and Brightside Farm Sanctuary, along with the acceptance of a recommendation from the Tasmanian Animal Welfare Advisory Committee, Tasmania has become Australia's first state to ban pig crates. As announced by Minister of Primary Industries, Water and Environment Bryan Green, the ban on these enclosures, which severely restrict the movement of mother pigs, will be complete by 2017.

Parliament member and Greens industry spokesperson Kim Booth said, "Sow stalls are disgusting, inhumane and cruel, and it is fantastic to see the new Minister for Primary Industry agreeing so readily to phase out their use."

Our heartfelt accolades Your Excellency Minister Green and all supporters of a ban on the cruel confinement of mother pigs in Tasmania. We pray that many other states and countries soon act similarly to better care for the welfare of our gentle animal friends. May all mothers on Earth be graced with spacious and clean environments to nurture the precious lives of their newborns.


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