A Gift of Love: Simple & Nutritious Cooking with Supreme Master Ching Hai    Parte 1
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Lazy Deli
Vegan cheeses (Vegusto)
Vegan chicken slices (Heirler Cenovis GmBH)
Vegan salami (Heirler Cenovis GmBH)
Vegan sausages
½ avocado
Sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil
Bread, different kinds
Mustard, optional

Instant Noodle
Instant vermicelli noodle
Hot filtered water
Fresh vegetables, optional
Maggi Seasoning Sauce or soy sauce, optional

Fruit Salad
½ mango
1 cherimoya
2 passion fruits
1 kiwi
Fruity syrup, optional

Tip : If you are travelling and worried about the cutleries and plates provided being used on meat before, you may purify it by spraying vinegar mixture (50% water, 50% vinegar) on the them, rinse them and recite the holy names. Wipe them with a cloth. It is always good to bring along a small bottle of vinegar mixture anywhere you go for easy cleansing.

1.Arrange on the plate, some (quantity as desired) olives, young gherkins, sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil, a dash of mustard (for vegan sausage dipping), vegan sausages (cut into pieces), avocado (skin, cut into pieces), vegan chicken slices (roll up each piece), vegan salami (roll up each piece) and vegan cheeses (a few pieces of small block).
2.Serve with different kind of breads.

1.Put the noodle in a bowl. Add the all condiment packs provided.
2.Add hot water in the bowl, enough to cover the noodle. Or you may follow instruction provided on the packaging.
(Tip: If the noodle is a bit plain, you may add in some Maggie Seasoning Sauce or soy sauce.)
3.Cover and set aside for couple of minutes depending on the instruction given on the packaging.
4.Remove cover and serve.

1.Cut the fruits into pieces (size per desired), arrange on plate and serve.
(Tip: Add a few drops of fruit syrup to passion fruits if it is too sour.)

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