Heartfelt Messages from Farm Animals: German Telepathic Animal Communicator Andrea Frankrone (In German)   

Ms. Frankrone: So, Foxi would like to simply and clearly convey to us... yes, again, that he’s doing very  well, that he’s happy, that he’s, yes, glad that he can live here with us, and to have us as his friends.
You’re my good friend, Foxi, right? You’re my very dear friend.

HOST : Welcome honored viewers to Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants. Andrea Frankrone of Germany is a professional animal communicator who has been closely connected with animals all her life.
She lives with her husband on a picturesque farm in Langenberg, Germany in happy harmony with a dog, a cow, and several cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ponies, donkeys, sheep, goats, budgies, carp and goldfish, most of whom were rescued. 

Ms. Frankrone holds seminars at her farm on how to communicate heart-to-heart with animals and participants enjoy interacting with the animal friends who roam freely on the spacious grounds.
Her work has been featured a number of times in the German media.

Now let's travel to Germany and meet the insightful Ms. Andrea Frankrone as she describes her early years as a telepathic animal communicator.

Ms. Frankrone: All my life I’ve had the ability to communicate with animals through thought, ever since I was a little child, really.

However, I never had the courage to talk to anybody about this, because of the way I was brought up. My parents thought animals are dumb and unable to think.

I think, if I had dared to tell them at home, "Guess what, Dad, I’ve just had a chat with Hasso (a dog companion), “albeit only about the weather," I believe they‘d have given me a good scolding. And so it was sort of a secret between me and the animals for several decades.

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