Israel takes a giant step, approving expansion on anti-fur bill to include all animals - 8 Feb 2010  
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Israeli ministry approves anti-fur bill expansion. The Ministerial Committee on Law has unanimously approved a bill to widen an existing law and ban all import, export, production and marketing of fur. The amendment was initiated by Jane Halevy of the International Anti-Fur Coalition; Joshua Rotbert, legal adviser of Let the Animals Live and Knesset Member Nitzan Horowitz. Once drafted, it was proposed by Agriculture Minister Shalom Simchon, Minister of Environmental Protection Gilad Arden, and Minister of Education Gideon Sa’ar. The measure is to be voted next by the Education, Culture and Sports Ministry, with passage of two subsequent Knesset readings confirming it as law.

Our gratefulness, Ms. Halevy, Mr. Rotbert, International Anti-Fur Coalition, Let Animals Live, and all Israel government dignitaries involved for your noble efforts to ban animal fur. We look forward to a world in which the lives of all beings are cherished and respected.
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