Dutch lawmakers approve mink ban - 1 July 2009  
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On Tuesday the Dutch Members of Parliament in the House of Representatives voted to ban the raising and killing of minks for fur. The proposed law is next to be sent for approval by the senate and Her Majesty Queen Beatrix. Currently in the Netherlands, five million minks are killed annually for their fur. Co-proposer or the legislation, Harm Waalkens said, “It's obvious that the Dutch people are at one with a majority of their parliamentary representatives that in this day and age animals should not be reared simply for their fur. Hopefully many other countries will now follow our example." Efforts are being made to enact a European Union-wide ban on the practice.

We respectfully laud your efforts, Parliament Member Waalkens and other Dutch legislative leaders, in advocating just and humane treatment of the precious mink and all animal life. Indeed, we join in praying that many more governing bodies soon do the same.
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