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Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai and Supreme Master Television staff
“Breatharianism, God Quality, and Ways a Master Helps Humanity”
Los Angeles, California, USA – February 9, 2011

Whatever freedom they ask for, they should have it, because humans deserve freedom: freedom of speech, freedom to travel, freedom of religious practice, freedom of saying what they want and choosing whomever they like to govern their own country; basic human freedom.
For that, I also gave a lot of zillions of spiritual points, and I hope it works.

Supreme Master Ching Hai : That is hundreds of thousands of zillions of zillions of zillions of zillions of zillions of zillions.

Without freedom, people cannot breathe; without freedom, people cannot have dignity. Without freedom people cannot develop their potentials and thus, they cannot serve the family or their country, and, lastly, the world to the fullest of their capacity.

So freedom is very essential to humans’ evolution, to the wellness of the world, to peace on our planet. That's their birthright to have freedom, because they are children of God.

And they're right to demand it if they don't have.

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