*Hallo ,cherished ladies and gentlemen.
*Hallo,honored guests and representatives.
*The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association in Mongolia,in association with the Vegan Youth Union,Vegan Children Union,and Loving Hut international vegan restaurant,is presenting Supreme Master Ching Hai's outstanding and extraordinary art creation, 『The Love of Centuries』Mongolian edition,and it's a great honor for us and we thank you for coming.
Supreme Master Ching Hai is a world-renowned spiritual teacher,artist,and humanitarian - a great person. In honor of Earth Day - and Mongolian Tree Planting Day also begins - we celebrate the wonderful occasions today. On Earth Day,or world conservation day,many international organizations participate in conservation activities and organize various types of effective public events to save human lives as well as Mother Earth.
Even large fashion agencies have refused using animal-fur clothes and,instead,look for alternative materials free from any animal products for their designs. So,I'm happy to announce the commencement of this event of Supreme Master Ching Hai's outstanding and extraordinary art creation, 『The Book Premiere of `The Love of Centuries,' Mongolian Edition』on Earth Day. Let's watch a short video on the current situation of our Mother Earth,as well as global warming.
The threat from climate change is serious,it is urgent,and it is growing. The problems are enormous. Every day,about 150species of both flora and fauna become extinct. Rising sea levels threaten every coastline. As a nation made up of over 7000islands,rising seas due to global warming take on whole new meaning. More powerful storms and floods threaten every continent. Disasters like [Typhoon] Morakot are not that unusual now,so we have to be prepared for the worst. More frequent droughts and crop failures…
A few years ago in Zimbabwe we would be able to predict when the first rain will fall. But today,rains are not predictable. They fall any time. And when they do,people are swept away. On shrinking islands families are already being forced to flee their homes as climate refugees.
Our islands are just 1meter above sea level,and the impacts of the greenhouse emissions are killing our people. We know that short lived carbon forcers like methane contribute significantly to the warming of our planet. And because they are short lived they also give us an opportunity to make rapid progress if we work to limit them.
I've been seeing as a state senator the environmental costs of live stock production. It's a source of pollutants and toxic contamination,nitrogen run off,as well as a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.
It's much easier to think it's all the fault of coal miners or a power station a long way away,we can all focus the blame somewhere else and just say,『Governments got to make the change over there,』rather than think, 『Well,actually,we've got to make some change ourselves.』We've got to reduce the amount of animal products we consume. And we can do it now. We don't have to wait for government to do anything.
Regular citizens can do all kinds of things. Just make smart choices about the kinds of products that they buy. Fresh fruits and vegetables,organic food. And we believe that if people are given an abundance of healthy choices,they will make the right choice.
Because I know that environmentally it's the right thing to do. I know in terms of health it's the right thing to do. And ethically it's the right thing to do. By making this small change in our family's diets and adding more fresh fruits and vegetables,Barack,the girls,me,we all started to notice over a very short period of time that we felt much better,and we had more energy.
And really inducing all the people to go vegetarian. Be Veg,Go Green 2Save the Planet!This is the moment now to limit and reverse the climate change we are inflicting on future generations. Not later,not at another conference,not in a later decade. To save the planet is to save ourselves,to save our lives and that of all other living beings.
This is a new,a fresh dynamics which we must seize. I sincerely hope that we can seize this momentum. I think if all the governments of all the countries work together to promote the meatless style of living it will definitely save the planet.
Be Veg,Go Green 2Save the Planet!
Methane is also a big part of the issue: livestock farming particularly the industrial feedlot operations. When you hear the people say that industrial livestock farming is a big part of global warming,they're absolutely right.
* Meat factories,meat consumption,release lots of greenhouse gases. One of the 5biggest sources of greenhouse emissions from man-made activities in the world is the livestock industry.
* Eating veggie food is a beneficial action against the development of the livestock industry and the use of meat as food and it's the easiest,least suffering-causing and cheapest way that everybody can do it.
*Distinguished guests,thank you very much for your attention. I would like to tell you wonderful news about why we are celebrating 『The Book Premiere of `The Love of Centuries,' Mongolian Edition,』on Earth Day. It is that the income from Supreme Master Ching Hai's outstanding and extraordinary art creations goes to humanitarian and nature conservation activities worldwide.
Therefore,this new creation will contribute a huge effect for our world's sustainability,as we celebrate this event on Earth Day,which is why it's a big celebration for us. So I would like to thank you once again for coming to today's event. Humankind should make efforts to save their home,Mother Earth,in any way they can.
Now I would like to invite Mrs. Nyamkhuu,manager of doctoral education and training at the Academy of Management,to give a presentation on 『Global Warming and Its Impact on the World and Mongolia,and the Solution.』Hallo,and good evening. I'm happy to share with you my opinion about global warming. We have a precious treasure,the world's natural resources which are limited.
So,one of the big challenges for human beings is global warming. How global warming is affecting nature: glaciers are melting,the permafrost is melting,the soil is drying,wetlands are drying,rivers and lakes are shrinking,more earthquakes,as well as extinction of biodiversity,etc.; therefore,one of the factors in this situation is greenhouse gases. Humans' unsustainable activities have caused greenhouse gas emissions.
All power stations,generators,and waste-production,generate methane which is released into the atmosphere. If the methane is being released from the permafrost,etc.,and from the ocean,from all the livestock,animal raising - it keeps adding up and it would stay in the atmosphere for a long time. Updated calculations tell us that the livestock industry is responsible for at least 51%of global warming.
Methane's biggest source is the livestock industry,which is indeed one of the top causes of global warming. The best solution for this is reducing our meat consumption. Reducing meat intake is the fastest way to reducing greenhouse emissions,and it will stop the improper use of water,as well as stopping pollution,killing (of animals) and other indescribable damages. If you compare it to a vegan diet,a meat diet uses up to 17times as much land, 14times as much water and 10times as much energy. Arctic ice cover is melting and is going to disappear,and due to rising sea levels,many islands are sinking and we are losing flora and fauna.
It is predicted that we may experience an ecological crisis in Mongolia if the melting of the Arctic ice worsens. There is a calculation that if the area of ice melts by 50%,the average temperature in Mongolia will increase by 7degrees. According to the United Nations,the deforestation and damage that occurs from such activities as cattle grazing,is threatening the well-being of more than 1.2billion people in over 100countries.
We can see how the Mongolian ecosystem has changed due to global warming from the latest study of climate change in Mongolia. For example: Precipitation reduction,temperature increase,change in type of rain,greater number of hot days,increase in the number of fires; and we have contagious diseases of humans and animals,etc. In the last 20years the Mongolian ecosystem has been affected so intensively that vegetation has decreased and many rivers and lakes have dried up.
It has been shown in research that Mongolia is more affected than other countries. So we have to ask ourselves seriously: Are we ready to overcome these natural disasters and other challenges?According to a study of the last 40years,the patterns of climate change in Mongolia show that water resources will be reduced,biodiversity will be reduced due to extinction,and we will face a serious ecological situation. 30,398,400livestock are grazing on 97.5%of our land,and 80%of our land is somehow affected by over-grazing.
For instance,50%of livestock are goats,and according to a 2008study,the number of goats has reached 18million. This is a not good number for which we can feel happy about. We have to think about it. By 2070,steppes and grassland will have become desertified,and it has been shown that desertification will move northward by 300-400kilometers.
Sand movement will be dramatically active in desert and semi-desert regions. According to the study,the total area covered by sand is 3800square kilometers,and it's 8.7%of the total sand,88%of which is in the Gobi area and 12%of which is in the mountainous area. The evaluation of water resources in 2003presented the fact that 683rivers and springs are already dry; 1,484springs and water wells are dry; and 760lakes and wetlands are dry.
For example,from 1996until today,large lakes such as Taatsiin Tsagaan,Adagiin Tsagaan,Ulaan Nuu,and Orog Nuur in the Gobi have been dry. Due to the decrease of permafrost,permanent snow and glaciers,springs,rivers and lakes in the Khangai mountain areas don't receive the supply of water and thus have shrunk.
As a result of melting permafrost and changes in precipitation,the number of fires has increased,causing the loss of forest and its recovering ability. In the future,provinces like Tuv,Arkhangai,in the northern part of Mongolia will lose half of their forest. Some areas of wetlands are also disappearing.
So,to eliminate methane gas we should adopt a plant-based diet,which will also be beneficial to our healthy lifestyle,and is a real way to love Mother Earth and protect her,because she's a really precious treasure for our next generation. Therefore,we are confident that you will also support us and have the same ideal as we do.
Many climate experts and environmentalists have already begun advocating this approach to saving the Earth from the worst effects of climate change. So,the first thing we should do is to cool our planet,to be true stewards of the Earth,and to rehabilitate it. Then we will have peace on Earth and live in this world in happiness.
Therefore,you should understand at present our global situation is dependent on your choice of food. An area of rainforest the size of a football field is destroyed every second to produce just 250hamburgers. We are losing 55square meters of rainforest whenever we eat one beef hamburger patty. If we change our diet and become vegan we can stop up to 80%of global warming,and we will use 4to 5times less land for vegetable growing.
We can conserve 70%clean water,save up to 70%of the Amazon rainforest from clearance for animal grazing,and that would free up to 3to 4million hectares of land annually. We can save one-third of energy which is used for meat production. To save the world,humans should contribute - by changing to a plant-based diet. Then we can reach peace and we will have happiness in our life.
So,vegan foods are very light and there's no need for killing,thus vegan foods give you a positive,happy energy and you will be full of energy. Moreover,you will attract happiness and share it with others,and you will have a joyous mind and heart and all other things will also improve. You will be smarter,more creative,more loving and compassionate.
Through this action,your life will improve,even more than from other things. We will save the world,our lives,our children and the animals. And nobody will lack of anything - no more hunger,war,killing,disasters,and global warming. Today,everyone has to be aware and wake up. And I ask you to be veg and join in our compassionate action to save the planet. That is why our participation is very important. Thank you for your attention.
*Thank you. Thank you very much for giving us a special and wonderful speech,Mrs. Nyamkhuu,manager of doctoral education and training at the Academy of Management. I wish you great success in your work. Now,I would like to invite some members of our distinguished guests to share with us their comments on 『Global Warming and Its Impact on the World and Mongolia,and the Solution.』Thus,I would like to invite Mrs. Davaajav,Professor of Chemistry at the National University of Mongolia to the stage.
* Dear honorable ladies and gentlemen,good evening. I'm happy to share with you my feeling after I heard the presentation 『Global Warming and Its Impact on the World and Mongolia,and the Solution.』During the past year in Mongolia,we had questions regarding the impact of climate change in Mongolia:
What is the solution and where will human beings go?How to manage food security?These questions were asked to Mongolians as well as internationally,and we had different,interesting facts and news. Among the news,one activity was known to be very effective and fast,which was very interesting,and that is the activity of the Loving Hut vegan restaurant.
Today our home,this planet,is losing its ecosystem balance,and it's obvious that climate change is one of our most urgent and serious problems. For this issue,the whole world and humankind are concerned and are dedicating themselves to it,and I'm personally very happy about this. About a year ago,there was a conference, 『Global Warming - SOS International Conference on Urgent Problems of Climate Change.』
I was invited for the first time to participate and it was my first time that I received clear information. For one year vegan food was introduced very intensively; and it is because Mongolians are wise,have compassionate hearts,are re-introducing their traditions,love our co-inhabitants as well as other people,also they work diligently and responsibly in their roles and work. I can give you some examples.
For example,during the first conference vegan restaurants and choices of vegan food,as well as vegan people,were few. This was about one year ago. But today,we have over 10Loving Hut restaurants in Ulaanbaatar alone. Other restaurants have added vegetarian dishes to their menu. Delivery services are available to children,organizations,as well as families. We Mongolians have been able to do this in a very short period of time,and this makes me very happy.
And,I think I'd like to proudly say that this is the result of the people who are working in Loving Hut,the managers of the restaurants,and the sincerity of other people. Although we have had this success,we should not relax,but we should think further about how we are responsible to the world and what more can we do. We are Mongolian people.
We,as Mongolians,we should consider what is our priority in confronting climate change in Mongolia. Every citizen should compare and think about what they eat and think about their children and the future of Mongolia,what they are going to leave for them. It's time to think about this urgent issue,we all know this.
This should start from every household,every citizen. I hope we have commenced. Furthermore,according to my observation based on this success,Ulaanbaatar and other urban cities basically know what a veg meal is. They have started to cook and it is becoming a daily routine. In addition,I would like to say a couple of things from my heart.
We should intensify the advertisement and the raising of awareness to the remote,rural people who are lacking the information. Secondly,it's necessary to prepare the next generations who will be taking care of our home,so we should develop complex training curriculum on the relationship between humans and nature,and how humans are closely connected with nature,and teach them more about this and provide this knowledge to children when they are in kindergarten,as well as at the university level.
Moreover,we need to prepare more trainers for this subject. And every Mongolian person,all Mongolian households,should be aware of their role and protect our home,the world,Mother Earth and give their contribution to save the world by choosing the vegan diet. Thank you for your attention.
*Thank you,Mrs. Davaajav,for your wonderful appeal to action.
*I felt a lot of love from this book. I truly realized that we should teach youth with love and explain to them,including my children,what we should do in order to love our planet,and what love and compassion is. I wish that Master will put us Mongolians under your protection and blessing,and I wish your love may shine again and again.