Hallo, sensitive viewers, and welcome to Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants. On today’s program we present the first of a three-part series featuring Sonya Fitzpatrick, one of the most widely recognized and respected telepathic animal communicators in the world.

She has worked with clients from around the globe, including Hollywood actress Tori Spelling and vegan talk show host and actress Ellen DeGeneres and is the author of several popular books including “What the Animals Tell Me,” and “Cat Talk: The Secrets of Communicating with Your Cat.” Ms. Fitzpatrick also hosts a weekly call-in radio show called “Animal Intuition” on Sirius Satellite Radio and previously hosted a series on the television channel Animal Planet called “The Pet Psychic.”

The UK-born Ms. Fitzpatrick currently lives in Texas, USA with five dog and 12 cat companions as well as a family of frogs. She now shares how she first came to realize that she has the ability to communicate telepathically with animals.

I was born with a severe hearing loss. And so, therefore, I didn’t speak verbal language until I was four and half. And therefore, I could hear the animals speaking. As a little girl, I thought everybody could do what I could do. So I used to talk telepathically to the animals. And they would speak back to me. I was born with the gift.

Sonya Fitzpatrick’s father was a butcher. He also raised livestock on his farm, and slaughtered them for meat. This was a source of immense suffering for young Sonya.

He used to walk with the family doctor up the garden. The pigs would be in the field. The chickens were in the field. He would take the doctor up and say, “Do you want the leg of that one for Christmas?” And I used to say to him, “The pig knows what you are saying.” And he used to say, “Oh, your imagination is so vivid.” And I could feel the pain and the anxiety of the animal, when I was three, four years old.

While she was still a young girl, an extremely painful event caused Sonya Fitzpatrick to stop communicating with the animals. It all began with three goose eggs.

Why I stopped talking to animals was because of my three geese who I raised from eggs. At that time, we put them in the incubator, and my father said, “You can have these three geese.”

And then, as they grew up, they followed me everywhere. They would always come with me to school, leave me at the school gate. Then at lunch time, we used to go home for lunch, and they would always be waiting for me outside. And they would know what time to come. And people used to think, “It’s very strange that those geese know what time Sonya is getting out of school.” And they would be waiting for me. They walked home with me.

And then, Christmas came, of course. And I had this awful feeling all morning. And I was coming back from my friend’s farm. And I just had this horrible feeling that something had happened. I didn’t know what it was. So, I walked through and my geese weren’t there. They weren’t in the field, and they always would come and meet me. And when I got home, of course, I went to look for them. And I ran into the barn and they were all hanging up by their feet, dead.

And that was so traumatic for me as a little girl, because I really loved them. And I went in for lunch, and that was my goose on the dining room table, one of them. After that, I think the only way I could survive was by not talking to animals ever again, in that very special way which I could talk to them. It was too painful. So that’s when I stopped.

It was many years later that Ms. Fitzpatrick began to talk telepathically to the animals once again. She had a moving experience which confirmed that her life’s mission is to communicate with animals.

When we were teaching etiquette, my daughter and I, we were in the studio and I sat down one day. And I thought, “I’m not really happy doing this.” And suddenly I was sitting there drinking my tea, and I looked over on the wall and this beautiful light shape came, beautiful light. And it was the whole shape of an angel. And then telepathically I heard the angel saying, “You will be working with animals and doing God’s work.” Then my career really started to take off. And before I knew it, I had a TV show.

How exactly do animals communicate?

So they talk in pictures, feelings, emotions and senses. They get a picture from us. But because we have the faculty of speech, we don’t think about what else is happening. But there are a lot of things happening in our energy. And the animals see them, feel them. They feel everything we're sensing. When I'm talking to an animal, I tune in to an animal, I immediately start to feel them and sense them. I get a feeling of love or that they're disturbed. Or there have been times when they've been happy, and their language is so fast, telepathic language. “Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom,” like that.

And that’s why I am so quick. People say, “You’re so quick, how you do it?” Because the animal is “boom, boom, boom.” I can feel it, sense it. I use every part of my body. And when I talk to an animal, I become the animal. I become the cat.

And I laughed yesterday, because I have a client, and the dog said to me, "Are you a dog?" And I said, "Yes, right now I am. But I'm also a human." And he thought that was very funny, and he started to laugh. And I could hear his sweet laughter coming through.

Meditation plays an important role in Sonya Fitzpatrick’s life, helping her to better communicate with the animals.

I meditate because I clear my mind. And often I will meditate, and I feel that lovely peaceful feeling and go to a higher level of consciousness. And that feeling is always there. It’s an incredible feeling whenever I have that experience.

I know that I use the right side of my brain when I am talking to the animals. I switch the side when I am talking to them. You know, on my practical side, where everyday things are happening, my brain is working like everybody else’s. But when I talk to animals, it's very different. And I feel and sense it. And I feel the animal’s energy and talking. It's different than talking verbally.

Through her communications with animals and other beings, Ms. Fitzpatrick has gained a deeper understanding about how our world and the universe operate. She believes that we must respect everything here on Earth.

Everything serves a purpose in the universe. And now it's out of balance, cutting trees down. You know that people have no respect and don’t understand trees, that they have consciousness, that they help us breathe. And people just don’t think about that. It doesn’t occur to them; cut a tree down, nothing more. Let’s cut it down; it's in the way so let’s take it down, without really understanding.

When you cut a tree down, the squirrels live in the tree. The raccoons live in trees. The possums go on trees. The birds make nests in trees. So you’re immediately taking their home away from them. And the animals are now, as we can see constantly, we see deer walking around the estates, because their habitat is being taking from them. So the animals are in dire straits.

Ms. Fitzpatrick helps many clients deal with their grief and anxiety when one of their animal companions passes over.

There is no death. And so many people come to me because they want to talk about their animals that have passed over. But the great thing is that it's just the physical body that dies. There is no death, as far as the spirit and the soul is concerned. And we just go on and we go back home. And you're at peace and there is just love and peace. And I have that incredible feeling of consciousness when I go into that spiritual realm, because we’re much more than a physical body.

And my energy body goes in and out, in and out all the time. So when I'm over the other side, or I feel I have one foot in the spirit world and one foot in the physical world and, the animal will come through. He's around and with the person anyway. And often people will say, "I can’t tell you how much better that's made me feel," because they don’t know where their animal is, they don’t know where he’s gone. They don’t know.

Our appreciation Ms. Fitzpatrick for your fascinating insights on the animal kingdom and Mother Nature. You are truly helping bring animals and humans closer together in spirit and love.

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