Welcome to this week’s Science and Spirituality where, in the first in a three-part series, we highlight the highly intriguing work of Russian biophysicist, inventor, and pioneer of the innovative scientific field called electrophotonics, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov. Dr. Korotkov, who is based in St. Petersburg, Russia, invented the Gas Discharge Visualization, or GDV, technique by which the energy fields emanating from humans may be viewed in real time.

Among other areas, GDV is being applied in predictive medicine. Those trained to use a GDV device can detect health issues so clients can make lifestyle changes to resolve the condition or receive medical care from a doctor right away. Dr. Korotkov is also the author and co-author of several books, including “Measuring Energy Fields: State of the Science,” “Science, Aura and Consciousness: New Stage of Scientific Understanding” and “Light after Life.” Let’s now welcome Dr. Korotkov to our show.

My name is Konstantin Korotkov. I’m a professor at the National Research University in Russia, dealing with technical science. At the same time, I’m deeply involved in testing athletes, Olympic teams, Para-Olympic teams, and consulting worldwide for health issues for different health centers.

For many years I worked in the (former) Soviet Union on different governmental projects in science related to laser optics, quantum physics, and solid-state physics. At the same time, I was very interested in oriental philosophy, in oriental wisdom, and in Chinese medicine. Finally I came to understand that without understanding energy, without understanding the human spirit, we can’t get a real understanding of the world. We have many types of energy, and we can measure it with many different instruments.

As the current era advances, science is venturing into new frontiers to explore what’s beyond the physical dimension and being used to reaffirm the teachings of ancient spiritual texts. Many scientists have acknowledged that we are more than biological, physical and chemical entities and are indeed also divine, spiritual beings. It is recorded in the Book of Genesis that God said, “Let there be light.”

In ancient traditions they tell about different layers of energy fields. From a physical point of view, those are frequencies. So we emanate light. We emanate frequencies in a very big range. And we can divide this range into some specific parts as we do in our software. But again from a scientific point of view, it’s mostly for convenience, because in reality it’s a continuous spectrum. One of the instruments to measure energy are bioelectrography instruments.

It was in 1777 when a German physicist found that in electrical fields, you can see light coming from some subjects. It is all related to electricity and photons. Our team was able to transform this to a new stage. So it is transformation from photography to digital computer processing, and digital analysis. So we study light emanated by different subjects in electrical fields. The question is whether it's possible to study this light without electrical fields. Yes, it's possible. Those are self- emanating photons. So we all emanate light, and this light comes both from living beings and from inanimate subjects.

Dr. Korotkov and his colleagues have conducted much research to demonstrate to the world that the Gas Discharge Visualization technique has many applications in the medical field.

From the very beginning, we had clinical studies with GDV cameras in top level hospitals, universities, first in Russia, then the United States. We collected a lot of clinical data, and based on this clinical data, we can have statistical information on good health, disease, and disturbances in health. By reading light coming from the fingers, doctors can predict weak points of the human organism. And this is very important, because our goal is not to treat illness, but to prevent it.

If we can detect problems in the very early stages, we can prevent it and not allow it to develop into some disease. It's very well-known if you can catch, for example, cancer in early stages, it may be treated very efficiently. We work in the line of predictive medicine, medicine of health, and our goal is to give people information and recommendations, what should be done to keep them healthy all the time.

For example, in our medical academy, they made studies on people after surgery, and they found that by measuring energy, they can predict the outcome of the surgery. It’s very important for doctors to define whether this particular person can survive surgery or it's better to leave it as it is. A lot of people, mostly elderly people, after surgery, may become very depressed, so it is really very unpleasant and dangerous.

By measuring energy, we can predict this condition, and then take precautions. By measuring people’s energy, it is mathematically possible to define the probability of hypertension. We have a big line of research with our oncological institute of Russia, with top level professors interested in maintaining the health of people. So by monitoring people, week after week, after treatment, we can really see how they are developing, and we can prescribe treatment to improve their conditions.

Why does the Gas Discharge Visualization technique specifically measure the energy emanating from the client’s hands? Dr. Korotkov now explains the reason.

Our hands and our fingers are the most sensitive parts of our body, they have the most amount of sensors compared with all other parts of the body, and we have the highest part of the sensitive area in our brain related to the hands and fingers. It is possible to connect information on the fingers with the Chinese meridians. We created a map of correlation between the fingers and the meridians, then it was clinically verified on thousands of patients.

Our Supreme Master Television correspondent had a Gas Discharge Visualization technique assessment done to measure his health status. Let’s us now find out the results.

And we can nicely see the discharges around these fingers here. The computer calculates the data and shows them in a picture that shows the human body. So now it is about to evaluate the photography, to interpret, and we can see the pixels in this area. It is counting the light points and gives us a figure of energy. We have 13,000 pixels and symmetry of 82% here. The symmetry means the dissemination over right and left. Energy of 82 to 100% is good. This picture shows the psychic condition (left side) and the physical condition on the right side. We have 28,000 light points in the physical realm and symmetry of 94%; that means the client is in top physical shape.

So, by measuring the fingers, and images or light coming from the fingers, we recreate in the computer the model of the energy field around the body. And it was tested in many, many experiments. We have a lot of people in the world who can see energy, can see auras, so we correlated our measurement with their vision, and it was proven that there are really very high correlations. When we have some holes in the energy field, those holes may be some weak functional activity of the organ system. So the difference between our instrument, our approach, and an ultrasound, or tomography (MRI), we don't look to the structure of the organ, we look to its functional activity. If you eat appropriate food, you’re absolutely in good condition; if you eat wrong food then it creates a lot of negative emotions, a lot of negative feelings.

Our diet affects not only our physical health, but also our mental, psychological and spiritual well-being. Since time immemorial, sages and enlightened masters have strongly advocated the avoidance of animal flesh. When animals are slaughtered, they go through tremendous trauma, anxiety and fear. So when meat is consumed by humans, the animals’ negative, agonized energies are transferred into the meat eaters’ bodies, influencing their energy fields. Over time, this distortion in the energy fields results in illness and disease.

In general, the main factor that influences energy fields are anxiety and stress. The negative factors in life. You may have anything from the environment, changing of conditions , but it may have a very low influence compared with your own inner peace. If people don’t have peace and calm in their soul, their energy field will never be in good condition. If people don’t have the means to calm their mind, their consciousness, then of course they have a lot of problems. Our negative emotions influence not only our own field, our own system but it has influence on other people as well. So people who are in bad negative condition, bad moods and negative moods, they send this condition outside to the environment, to other people.

More and more physicians and other health experts are encouraging people to switch to a plant-based diet for optimal health and longevity. Avoiding meat, dairy and eggs rids our bodies of the pressure and negative energy transmitted from these animal products to our cells. On numerous occasions Supreme Master Ching Hai has spoken about why an organic vegan diet should be embraced by everyone around our world, as in this May 2008 videoconference held in Seoul, South Korea.

Now, the vegetarian diet, which is benevolent so it will bring you happy energy and that in turn will breed more happiness, will attract more happiness and when you’re happy everything will be better.

Our sincere thanks, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov for introducing us to the amazing Gas Discharge Visualization technique. Your research is truly uniting science and spirituality.

For more information on Dr. Korotkov, please visit www.New.Korotkov.org

Dr. Korotkov’s book "Light after Life: A Scientific Journey into the Spiritual World" is available at www.Amazon.com

Please join us again next Monday on Science and Spirituality for part two of our three-part series on the work of Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, when he will shed more light on our divine connection with one another and the environment. Thank you friendly viewers for your company today on our program. Coming up next is Words of Wisdom, after Noteworthy News. May we always emanate loving energy.