Wonderful viewers, welcome to Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants for the conclusion of our two-part program on Yaya, a respected vegan telepathic animal communicator in Formosa (Taiwan).

Yaya has been invited to appear on call-in television shows and was interviewed by a popular pet magazine called “Hot Pets.” She does consultations via telephone and Skype. Clients need only provide a photo or video of their animal companion for Yaya to converse inside with the animal, even if he or she has already passed away.

On yesterday’s episode, Yaya shared wondrous messages from Queenie the dog and Dharma the African Grey Parrot. Today we will accompany Yaya for a consultation with a cute rabbit named Peace and his vegan caregiver Light Yang and find out about an energetic orca with whom Yaya communicates remotely.

He is so excited today!

Yes! He is very happy. There are many friends here today. Do you feel that in the last couple of days he has behaved differently? When I see him today, he seems to know something is going to happen today.

Yes! I told him that Supreme Master TV is going to interview him today.

He is very happy.

This morning, he came to my bed to ask me to get up. He came to push me with his nose.

Yes. I feel that he is full of anticipation. I can feel his anticipation. He seems to have a lot to say.

Sadly millions of rabbits are slaughtered each year to produce fur for items such as clothing, boots, and accessories. Little Peace begs that humans change their hearts and preserve life.

About wearing fur, do you have anything to say to the humans, Peace? “Oh! It’s horrible! It’s horrible! Do you feel warm when touching our fur? Why does our fur make you feel so warm? It’s because we have a lot of love inside. We want to make you feel our love, our warmth, our comfort, and our gentleness. However, you can’t receive the warmth by skinning off our fur.”

Yaya now explains why bunnies are on our planet based on Peace’s revelations.

They come to this world to bring love to us. They look weak and small, in order to help us cultivate love, make us feel their loveliness and want to take care of them. When humans want to take care of them, we cultivate our love. They are not here so that we can make use of their flesh and fur. He said, “The science is so developed nowadays that there is lots of fake fur available! It looks furry, but it’s not from the animals. It looks beautiful. In the picture, (Supreme) Master (Ching Hai) wears it. It looks so beautiful. Why do you still want to use the fur from us animals? Why?”

He begs people, “Before the winter comes, in the magazines, and in the streets, you can see fur everywhere. What a bloody scene! It’s not beauty at all. No matter how pretty a girl is, once you wear such clothes, I can’t see your beauty. I only see how blinded you are. Your love is blinded. I beg you, please wake up!” He said, “If humans can’t even manage to live in peace with the animals, how can we have world peace?”

He has a plea today on behalf of all the rabbits on Earth, “Please pay attention to the right of survival and the living environment of our rabbits. We have brought an abundance of love to help you.”

Whales are the gentle giants of the oceans. They are full of love and compassion for all beings. To better understand them, Yaya searched the Internet and upon finding an image of a particular Orca, felt a connection inside with the animal. She then began remotely communicating with this Orca named Milibo.

Milibo is very handsome. I asked him, “Milibo, how old are you?” He said he is 70 or 80 years old and is in his middle age. He said, “Although I am 70 or 80 years old, I am still in my middle age.” He is very energetic and lovely.

Yes. Can you tell us what Milibo said about the role of the whales on Earth and their special mission?

He said, “We are very clear that each whale coming to Earth is the transmitter of God’s love.” It’s a beautiful phrase – the transmitter of love. He explained why they are called the transmitters of love. It’s because through their movement on Earth in different ocean areas, they transmit sound current. We all know whales can sing. Through the sound current, they transmit love to the land, to the ocean, to the bottom, the center of the Earth, and to every being they love.

Yaya now interprets the message of Milibo regarding whale family relationships.

Although we live in different areas in the ocean, we belong to the same soul family. We all know who our parents are, who our children are. When we were up in heaven, we belonged to the same family. After coming to Earth, we remain siblings. We are very familiar with each other. It’s because our Earth needs a lot of help at the present time, and we are very loving, and we want to share our love with everyone, that many souls have come here in groups.”

So, how do whales bring constructive energy to Earth?

Milibo said there is a reason why the whales have such big bodies. It’s a beautiful design of God. He said they remember their home and they are connected with their home, as if there is an invisible antenna, through which they can bring down the constructive and loving energy. However, the energy needs to be transformed after coming down.

Therefore, their bodies serve as an energy transformer to convert such energy to the kind that our Earth can receive. It’s because such energy carries a vibration that doesn’t belong to Earth. So the whales adjust it to the kind of vibration that our Earth can receive. Then they send this love, this high-level energy into Earth.

Whales don’t just swim in one area, they migrate from one continent to another, or from the south to the north. Their migration is very meaningful. Each whale remembers which area they need to go, and in what season. They know they have to migrate like this, because this is a beautiful blueprint. They have to migrate according to the season and the weather in order to bring the energy from the east to the west and around the whole world. Different whales are responsible for different areas. Different races are responsible for different areas.

Milibo said their planet is like the origin of love. At this origin of love, every day, their masters pray, sing, chant and convey beautiful sound which is full of loving energy. Then the whales receive the sound current and transmit it to Earth. Apart from the ocean, when they swim by an area, the air or the atmosphere there will also be filled with love they bring.

Have you heard about the harmful energy from outer space that comes near us? They can also receive the negative energy. After they receive it, they neutralize it. They neutralize it and shake it off. Therefore, they receive the energy from the Universe, both positive and negative. They absorb the positive energy and transmit it, and neutralize the negative energy.

Whales are highly sensitive beings. When whalers hurt or kill one whale, the heinous act causes enormous pain and anguish to all other whales.

He said, “Actually at the home of our whales, our members keep singing, and transmitting energy through music, and praying to the whales who have to leave the Earth because of injury.” He said, “This energy was intended to be sent down here for the Earth, but we can’t send as much now, because we need to help heal these injured whales.” So they can’t send as much energy to Earth as before. But our Earth has suffered more damage than before, which make them very worried.

Does Milibo have any final words to say to the humans?

Milibo said, “Number one, please don’t eat our flesh. Please don’t eat our body, and the bodies of all the animals. I live in the ocean, but my consciousness is connected with the animals on the land. Please don’t eat our flesh anymore. Eating us harms your body, and your souls. It’s like eating up this beautiful planet and brings destruction to yourself.” He wishes all species can co-exist peacefully.

Milibo also said, “Please pray for us. I hope we can serve you more. We whales, and other marine animals wish to serve you more. Please pray for our safety. When you pray sincerely, and if you are vegan it would be better, your prayer has power. When your heart and your soul are pure, your prayer has healing power and carries energy and the energy can reach us. We would be very, very grateful to you.” Finally Milibo said, “We are the messengers of God. We are the transmitters of love. We come to help you. Please let us serve you.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai has previously spoken about the important role of telepathic animal communicators in connecting animals and humans as in this excerpt from an interview with her by journalist Louise Kings that was published in the December 16, 2009 issue of The Irish Dog Journal.

In many cases, the animals came to help their caregiver develop spiritually in his or her life. Many animals, both in the wild and domesticated, are very psychic and know everything about you – about your past life, your present and future life – but they never judge you. These noble beings only want humans to remember our own love, dignity, and divinity. And the communicators help us to see what a real blessing the animals provide in our lives; and not just the domestic animals but all of them.

We once again sincerely thank Yaya for taking time to share with us invaluable messages from the animal kingdom. Let’s wholeheartedly pray for World Vegan, World Peace to be realized on our Earth as soon as possible.

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Special viewers, thank you for watching today’s program. May all beings share an eternally tranquil world together.