Happy viewers, welcome to Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants. Have you heard of Dr. Dolittle, a fictional veterinarian who appears in a 1920’s children’s book series by British author Hugh Lofting as well as a number of modern day plays and films? He is able to easily communicate with different types of animals, because he learned to speak their respective languages. In real life, telepathic animal communicators have a similar role to Dr. Dolittle. They act as a bridge between humans and animals.

In an August 2007 gathering with Association members in Paris, France, Supreme Master Ching Hai stated that if we connect heart-to-heart with the animals, we can learn many wondrous things from them.

It's a pity humans don't avail themselves of this great knowledge of animals. They come here really to help. If we can tune in with them, they tell you all kinds of things that are beneficial to you. They even warn you of danger. They warn you of bad persons. They tell you who is good for you, who is bad for you. They tell you who is higher level, who is low. Yes, they know everything.

Yaya is a respected vegan telepathic animal communicator in Formosa (Taiwan). She has been invited to appear on call-in television shows and was interviewed by a popular pet magazine called “Hot Pets.” She does consultations via telephone and Skype. Clients need only provide a photo or video of their animal companion for Yaya to converse inside with the animal, even if he or she has already passed away. In this first in a two-part series on Yaya’s work, we accompany her for two client consultations.

About three or four years ago, I watched some programs on Supreme Master TV introducing animal communicators. I found it very interesting. So I started searching on the Internet for books and CDs. Through searching, I found many materials. I then studied them bit by bit. About two years ago, I started to feel that I could communicate with animals. I hope by being an animal communicator, I can help convey the words in animals’ hearts and the messages that they have for humans regarding planet Earth. Also how they want us to treat them and what is the best way to treat them. I sincerely hope that I am able to serve them.

Let’s now follow Yaya as she visits a passionate, energetic, and loving dog, named Queenie who was once a stray and then taken in by a loving family.

She is very happy to be able to come and have a family to live with and to be taken care of. She is truly very, very happy and very, very grateful.

Queenie loves to interact and play with a group of stray dogs when outside. Yaya was asked to explain why this is so.

She said: “They are my friends. They are my friends.” She was a stray dog before. She knows the life of stray dogs is very challenging. She said, “Not only do I play with them, I also share my love with them. I want to give them love and warmth. I would also like to show my respect to the leader of this pack of dogs.” She said life outside is not easy.

Yaya now interprets Queenie’s message on the life of homeless dogs.

She said: Do you know how pitiful the lives of stray dogs are? We don’t have food every day. Also the food we eat often is not fresh. Almost all the food is not fresh. It’s gone bad, stinky and rotten. It’s not easy to find water either. There are many water taps, but there is no water. Sometimes we saw people turn on the tap water, but when we got there, there was no more water or only filthy water. When it rains, our whole bodies are wet and we have to look for a place for shelter.

As both Queenie’s caregiver and Yaya are our Association members, Queenie was asked if she is familiar with Supreme Master Ching Hai. Here is Queenie’s response as interpreted by Yaya.

Queenie, do you know Supreme Master Ching Hai, our Master? “Yes, I do. Master comes often. I often see Master. Master is not only my mommy, she is also the mommy of all animals. I love Master very, very much. She is very pretty.”

Queenie also has a favorite TV channel. Can you guess what it is?

She also said that she likes to watch Supreme Master TV. When she saw Master’s cooking show, she wanted to eat. She feels happy. She said she not only knows Master, she also often plays with Master in her dreams. She has great fun. She likes Master very much. It’s so wonderful.

Do you remember Dharma the African Grey Parrot who has been previously featured on Supreme Master Television?

Be Veg,
Go Green
2 Save the Planet!

I love you. I love you. I love you.

Yaya next visits the home of Dharma and his caregiver Ms. Love Su. Ms. Su is very interested in learning about Dharma’s thoughts and feelings.

Dharma said that he loves mommy (Ms. Su) very much. Then he said: “Before I came to Earth, I knew that this time I would come to Earth to do some work. I have to find a caregiver who can transmit the message for me. I have many, many messages from Heaven. I want to write down these messages through human hands.” And he also said that he’s always connected to Heaven.

I have a question. Now that the climate has changed so dramatically, can Dharma tell us whether our bird friends are impacted?

That’s a very good question. And Dharma likes to answer questions like this one. He said that he could feel the conditions in the wild of all feathered friends, all the bird friends. He feels deeply saddened. He said, “Mom, do you know that the climate has become so extreme?” He heard the bird friends have conveyed a message that the places where they eat and live are closely connected with trees. But many trees are sick and they’re dying. So birds are struggling very hard.

He said: “Mom, the ocean covers a big part of our Earth’s surface. But many places in the ocean are emitting toxic smells. They stink. And many of our bird friends have to try so hard when they fly over those areas, especially those that migrate according to seasons. They have to fly past those areas. But when they fly over those areas, they suffer a lot.

He said that the airflow in those areas is not stable. And it’s not as regular as before. So sometimes there are very extreme changes. So it’s very hard for them to fly with the wind. And they don’t get enough food. Therefore many small birds die on the way and can’t reach the destination with their families. Some bird friends get sick on the way, or run out of energy. They are very pitiful. But those that continue flying can’t wait. They have to continue because their bodies know where they need to be the next day. They have to continue on.

He said, “Do you know mom? They have to forsake their families. And that’s so heartbreaking.” He’s very sad. He knows everything.

In many parts of the world mass die-offs of birds sometimes occur. Dharma now explains the cause.

Dharma said that those places had a very poisonous atmosphere. In addition to the poisonous atmosphere, the birds want to use their group death as a sacrifice to remind humans and they have reached a consensus to do so. They want to use these images to remind humans that it’s not a joke. Some bird friends sent him messages and told him that many rivers are becoming narrower and narrower, smaller and smaller, and dirtier and dirtier year by year. It’s so pitiful.

Dharma said that his bird friends sent him messages and told him, “Dharma, Dharma, you must tell everyone through the television channel that the situation is already so serious”. Dharma is really very, very worried. He is really very worried.

Yaya, is there anything that Dharma wants to tell all of humanity?

“On behalf of all the birds, I want to tell everyone, that my heart is the same as my mom’s. We should really stop eating meat.” Dharma said: “This is not just a slogan. Every piece of meat represents life. And every piece of meat represents the sacrifice of life. When you eat a piece of meat, it means… What did he say… He said, “Every piece of meat represents a life. When you eat that, it’s as if you eat the Earth’s life and the Earth’s hope.”

Like Queenie, the wise Dharma also loves Supreme Master Ching Hai very deeply.

He said, “Master is like my father, my spiritual father.” Why do you say spiritual father? “It is because she looks very great and powerful.” He said that he often saw Master appearing in his dreams. Master would pat his head and talk to him, and play with him. He said all the animal friends like Master very much. Master is also like my mom sometimes. Sometimes she’s like a father; other times, she’s like a mother. I love my Master very much. He also said that Master works so much and he wants to support Master. Because our hearts are all together.

He said that he knows that Master has birds. And Master’s birds constantly send Master’s love to birds and other animals on our Earth. “I’m really, really thankful to Master. And I want to thank the birds next to Master.”

Yaya, we sincerely thank you for sharing with us the precious messages from Queenie and Dharma. Truly you are helping humans and animals become ever closer in spirit.

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Please join us on Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants tomorrow for part two of our program when Yaya will communicate with a rabbit and a whale. Happy viewers, thank you for watching today's program. May all beings forever enjoy infinite blessings from Heaven.