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So, Foxi would like to simply and clearly convey to us... yes, again, that he’s doing very well, that he’s happy, that he’s, yes, glad that he can live here with us, and to have us as his friends. You’re my good friend, Foxi, right? You’re my very dear friend.

Welcome honored viewers to Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants. Andrea Frankrone of Germany is a professional animal communicator who has been closely connected with animals all her life. She lives with her husband on a picturesque farm in Langenberg, Germany in happy harmony with a dog, and several cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ponies, donkeys, sheep, goats, budgies, carp and goldfish, most of whom were rescued.

Ms. Frankrone holds seminars at her farm on how to communicate heart-to-heart with animals and participants enjoy interacting with the animal friends who roam freely on the spacious grounds. Her work has been featured a number of times in the German media. Now let's travel to Germany and meet the insightful Ms. Andrea Frankrone as she describes her early years as a telepathic animal communicator.

All my life I’ve had the ability to communicate with animals through thought, ever since I was a little child, really. However, I never had the courage to talk to anybody about this, because of the way I was brought up. My parents thought animals are dumb and unable to think. I think, if I had dared to tell them at home, "Guess what, Dad, I’ve just had a chat with Hasso (a dog companion), albeit only about the weather," I believe they‘d have given me a good scolding. And so it was sort of a secret between me and the animals for several decades.

Ms. Frankrone was working as a nurse in a hospital when a sudden turn of events required her to take a different path in life. Her animal companions were instrumental in helping her to become a professional telepathic animal communicator.

But then something happened: I had to give up my job – I used to be a nurse – because I got this illness in my eyes, this optic nerve atrophy. Well, and because of that I wasn’t able to carry on with my nursing job anymore. As a result of that and with the help of the animals, yes, they had given me a lot of support, and I decided, okay, now I very, very openly will admit it, and I will finally stand by it.

How did the animals help you at that time?

Simply through constant constructive reinforcement. In fact it had always been a great, great wish the animals had had, and me too, to be honest, that I should help animals as much as possible, and humans too, of course. Without the support of the animals it would have taken me a lot longer to take this road and to have the courage to openly admit to it and say, "Well, I just have this ability to communicate with animals through thought." And it wasn’t really that difficult for me because of all the immense encouragement I got from my animal friends, which I had at that time.

Through her inner conversations with dairy cows, Andrea Frankrone has learned of the enormous pain and suffering they endure, particularly of those who live on factory farms.

And my big, big plea to humankind is to please just stop and think about the way we treat the animals and what they have to endure because of us. Calves are born and the cow doesn’t even have a single hour to get acquainted with her child. They’re separated immediately. And all that is done for the benefit of us humans, so that we can get the maximum yield of milk from that cow. Is there really a justification for us humans exploiting the animals in such a way? It shouldn’t be allowed.

And I’m absolutely certain that humans, or at least many, many humans aren’t even aware of it, they simply don’t have a clue what really happens or how these products are actually made. And it would be so nice – there are completely different ways for us to satisfy our needs for drinking and eating. There is no need to exploit animals.

What in particular have the dairy cows told Ms. Frankrone regarding how they feel about their lives and their opinion of humanity?

I get a lot of profound sadness and a lot of utter despair. And the one thing that often surprises me is, and I’ve talked with a lot of animals like this, that they don’t bear a grudge against us humans and they don’t hate us for it. But there is this profound sadness.

Ms. Frankrone is also friends with a dairy cow who lives on a farm in her vicinity.

My friend the cow is actually a very close friend of mine. She’s so, so lucky not to be kept on one of these dairy farms. She leads a very, very free life, she can go inside or go outside as she pleases, but I’ve met a lot of cows who lead a very different kind of life.

After these messages, we’ll have more from our discussion with Ms. Frankrone about the inner lives of animals. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television.

Welcome back to Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants. Our guest today is professional telepathic animal communicator Andrea Frankrone of Germany who teaches others how to converse inside with our animal friends and has a farm where many rescued animals reside. The farm is graced with two quiet ponds that provide homes for several carp and goldfish and a host of joyful green frogs. Ms. Frankrone particularly enjoys her inner conversations with the carp.

Carp are particularly nice to communicate with. Above all, carp radiate a very intense kind of calmness. Sometimes at lunchtime when I have 15 minutes to myself, I take the opportunity and sit beside the pond and just watch them and let their calmness wash over me and take it all in. I can ask them questions too, of course.

For example, during one of my seminars I might, for instance, ask the students to ask the carp to describe their environment to them. And the carp are quite capable of describing their surroundings to the students, without them having to jump into the pond to look for themselves, which they could do if they wanted to.

Many studies have shown that pigs are very intelligent and curious. From a pig’s perspective, what would their ideal life be like?

They, too, would like to roam freely and spend their time doing whatever they feel like doing, like resting when they’re tired, walking around for a change, and, of course, rooting with their snouts to their hearts’ content. It’s hardly possible to observe pigs in the natural environment nowadays.

How can someone who loves a pig learn to communicate with him or her?

Well, pigs are very special partners in animal communication because they have very refined ways. They can perceive humans very well. They’re very sensitive to our emotions as well as to our moods. That’s the experience I have with my own animals that live here on our farm, and very often during my seminars too, how much they’re trying to help us. Especially with pigs, it’s really, really simple. But of course we humans first have to have trust in it, and in ourselves, too, to be able to fully accept that this is the thought the animal is sending us.

Are animals aware of the current condition our planet, humankind and all living beings are in? What messages do they have for humankind at this time?

Animals see things very clearly; they are living in the moment. This moment, that’s what’s important. If I think more about it and just put it into words, from an animal’s point of view I would just say: That we should hold on to what we still have on our planet. And not through all these nuclear tests and things like that.

Actually, that’s not what the animals are saying. I carried on with my own thoughts. But, to be honest, I am actually more or less on the same level as animals. And starting from there, it is, how to say it, my interpretation of how I experience the animals - this enjoyment, this present moment is what matters.

Could animals help humans to foresee natural disasters?

Absolutely. I have no doubts about that at all. Because animals are very, very sensitive. I can see that already when I’m out and about with them. For example, when I’m out for a walk with Da Vinci - this is my dog friend, he sniffs here, he sniffs there, then he runs three meters ahead and sniffs around and comes back again.

Sometimes I have to admit that I end up saying to him: "Tell me, are we going for walk or are we 'staying for a walk'? Because all he does is sniffing, sniffing, sniffing about. But after all, if I were able to smell the way he can, I’m sure I’d be interested as well. In the case of earthquakes it’s cats, they are the absolute best sensor, they sense it naturally.

Or, apart from the area of earthquakes, or terrible natural disasters ... it also often happens that many animals especially dogs, are terrified of thunderstorms. Even when the thunderstorm is still very far away and we humans can’t hear anything yet, then maybe ... I do not hear any thunder ... But the dogs are already trying to hide, because they know a thunderstorm is coming. Clearly, animals have a much better sense of perception for these things than we do.

Andrea Frankrone has many more fascinating insights from animals to reveal to us including wise advice from the animals regarding human-animal relations. Please join us again tomorrow for the concluding part of our interview with this wonderful telepathic animal communicator from Germany.

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Today’s Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants will be presented in German, with subtitles in Arabic, Aulacese (Vietnamese), Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai.

She’d like to say, Oh, come over here ... that it would be nice if there could be peace, not just among the animals but among us all. (Yes.) Thank you, Felicia, well done, thanks.

Welcome cheerful viewers to Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants featuring the second and final part of our interview with Andrea Frankrone of Germany. She is a professional animal communicator who has been closely connected with animals all her life. She lives with her husband on a picturesque farm in Langenberg, Germany in happy harmony with a dog, a cow, and several cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ponies, donkeys, sheep, goats, budgies, carp and goldfish, most of whom were rescued.

Ms. Frankrone holds seminars at her farm on how to communicate heart-to-heart with animals and participants enjoy interacting with the animal friends who roam freely on the spacious grounds. Her work has been featured a number of times in the German media. Ms. Frankrone can connect with all types of animals, even those living on the other side of the Earth.

Yes, of course, it’s certainly possible to contact animals who live very far away.

for example, Paraguay.

I’m looking after a cat family there with whom I’m in regular contact and I have a photo of each of those cats. And with the aid of these photos, I’m able to contact them.

Because of her ability to communicate with animals, Ms. Frankrone has had many wonderful experiences. She now recalls a special gift she received from a mother deer.

One fine morning, as I took my dog friend Einstein for a walk ... Einstein suddenly stared mesmerized in one direction. And I wondered, "What is it? What’s happening over there?" So I rummaged around in my bag to get my binoculars, which I use as a visual aid, and I had a good look in that direction. And there I saw this deer, all alone. I thought, hang on, that’s a bit strange. Why is she just standing there like that? So I started to speak to her At first she was a little startled, but then, and that was also another great, great gift, the deer was sending me this message ...

I’ll describe it now in my words, but animals don’t communicate in words, however, I will try to put that message into words. She said, "I want to show you something." So I stood there waiting and the deer turned around and then after maybe 10 seconds or 30 seconds or so, there appeared two beautiful little fawns out of the woods. And ... Oh, I was over the moon. That was just such a beautiful experience.

Almost all of the animals on Andrea Frankrone’s farm have been rescued from traumatic situations. Some had lived on factory farms and others had been neglected or abused. How does she help her friends overcome the painful past experiences?

Well, the majority of animals living here on my farm have experienced such traumas. Well, there are no general directives that one could follow, that say, "Do this and that" and then they’ll be alright again. Instead, it’s very, very important to take a look at the animal and see: To what extent is it important for the animal as well to talk about what had happened?

I can only say, in my experience, It’s always been very rewarding to relive the terrible situations the animals went through together. And by remembering what happened they’re eventually able to let go of a lot ... And with things like this It’s truly so. I had to think a lot which animal here I could talk about, because just about all of the animals here have been rescued from traumatic situations like that.

But when I look around, I see how happy the animals that have been with us for a long time are now; being certain they will be Okay and I will never, ever give them away again. They have this great sense of contentment. And as for those animals that have only stayed here a short time, I just remember Holly. Holly is one of the female donkeys, and for several weeks she asked me every morning how long she could stay here because she just couldn’t believe her luck. And that’s such a great pleasure.

I’m so grateful for everything that I can do for these animals. Of course I would love to have many, many more animals, but there is, of course, a limit as to how many I can take in. But I’m also very glad to now have this great opportunity to reach out to many people in this way and be able to ask them: Please, do think more about animals. I’m sure that this can lead to something good.

When we return, we’ll continue our fascinating discussion with Ms. Andrea Frankrone. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television.

Personally, I’m absolutely convinced that eating meat and fish doesn’t do us any good at all. And we simply don’t need it. It’s simply not necessary for our survival. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be alive and you wouldn’t be here anymore either. We all know people like to hide behind this self-serving declaration: "Animals don’t mind sacrificing themselves for us." I beg to differ. I dare to say that’s definitely not the case.

Welcome back to Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants, as we continue our discussion with the insightful German telepathic animal communicator Andrea Frankrone. We typically think of communicators like Ms. Frankrone conversing inside with larger animals such as dogs, cats, dolphins and horses. What about making contact with tiny animals such as insects? Is it the same?

In this case it is a little different. For example, if I talk to a pony, I address the animal directly. With insects it’s rather like, well, I don’t really know how to explain it in words, but I can give you an example:

Here is our house. It’s in the middle of the countryside. And in the summer, actually all day, we usually have our windows and doors open, but we rarely have any flies in the house. They don’t pay us a visit because we, how shall I say it, ask them to not to come to us. It’s not a request to each individual fly, but rather, let me put it like this, a general request, like: Dear flies, please don’t come into this house. Of course, asking each individual fly wouldn’t be possible anyhow. But, actually, it’s possible to have some perception of the flies.

We asked Andrea Frankrone whether animals ever ask humans to stop eating meat and she told us the touching story of Gitano the sheep.

That was something that happened last year during a seminar, when Gitano, my sheep companion had a chat about meat eating with one of the students. Though I have to admit Gitano was prepared, because we’d had a long conversation about it before that. And that student was really taken aback. And at that moment I had such great hope, also for the future, that humans can and will be able to receive and accept messages from animals.

Ms. Frankrone believes that one important role of animals is to be examples for us and to show us a better way of living.

If we humans consider, for example, our daily routine: It’s all hustle and bustle. We have to do this, we have to do that. We have to finish this now, "Oh, dear Heavens, I haven’t done this or that yet." But when you watch a cat, for instance, you’ ll see how she just lies there very, very relaxed and content with her life. I can’t tell you how often I’ve envied my cats for their ability to just lie and, yes, comfortably ... relax.

Of course, animals have a great advantage over us humans in that they don’t have to earn money and don’t depend on such mundane things. But perhaps we should try and follow their example a little bit and take a short break more often. That would, be a step in the right direction.

Over the years, Andrea Frankrone has communicated with countless animals. We asked her if the animals have a message for us about how we can live in better harmony with them and nature.

I’d say if we could start regarding other living beings as equals and try to get it into our heads that they are beings that experience pain, sadness and suffering in exactly the same way we humans do, it should come to us much more easily.

Andrea Frankrone attended the launch of the German edition of Supreme Master Ching Hai's international #1 bestselling book, "The Birds in My Life," and via videoconference met the author, who thanked Ms. Frankrone for her work.

I wish you all the best and also the animals that you help, all the best. (Thank you.) And may God protect you. Thank you so much.

I “met” her so to speak at the Frankfurt Book Fair and she made such a great impression on me like no one else before. I can’t remember any situation that ever brought me close to tears during a talk.

Andrea Frankrone has a final message for viewers about showing compassion to our animal friends.

There are so many things that each and every one of us can do to bring about a change. How often do we simply say, "Well, what’s the point if I stop eating meat now? It won’t make a difference anyhow." But what an effect does it have if 40,000 people think like that? That‘s quite a significant number of people. And we can achieve a lot.

Many thanks to Ms. Andrea Frankrone and all the other telepathic animal communicators around the world for helping us to better understand our gentle, innocent co-inhabitants. May we all adopt the compassionate and noble organic vegan diet to safeguard their lives and preserve Earth’s future.

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These wild, free-roaming animals and their offspring find themselves unable to live a natural life, can never take even a few steps or feel the Earth beneath their feet.

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