God is what?
God is the goodness of all the universe put together, and it is common property for every person to use it.But you have to tune in to goodness, and not in to evil. Understand? Then you get what you want.

You go where your feet lead you to. If you go north, you will see north. If you go south, you'll see south. Understand?

So the goodness, the holiness, the wisdom of mankind, all put together, that is God. You understand what I mean? All our best wishes, best intentions, best wisdom, best charity - that is God. The whole mankind, the whole universe spiritually put together, that is God power.

That is God. And now we can make use of that, because it's also the common good of all people; but not everybody wants that. Understand? On the other side, there is evil.

Evil is what?
It is the combination force, it is the collective force, of all our bad thoughts, deeds, actions. Understand what I mean? And now, we don't always think good, do we? We don't always think bad, do we?

Therefore, the good force is what we call “God power,” the bad force that we generate, also ourselves - the whole mankind, the whole universe - that is called evil. The two can never separate. The two can never be said that one exists and the other doesn't, because we do bad also.

But we repent and we try not to. But even then, the whole universe are in this kind of condition, except in some worlds, there is only positive and no negative. But in our world, there is both positive and negative,

and now, if we want to go back to the whole all-positive, then we have to tune in to the goodness from here, and then from the goodness we are pushed upward to the “only goodness” side of the universe, and we can leave aside this darkness, all this “dark-and-light-together” world. Understand now?

But you cannot expect to turn to evil and get mixed into goodness, because they don't connect there. Only good connects to good, understand? So now, if you want to go to the level of goodness, then you have to first step into the goodness part of this world, and then from there you get the connection to the whole goodness “upstairs.” Is it logical or not?

Understand? Okay! So, the goodness, God power here in this world, which exists alongside the evil force, that is our refuge. That's what we call “God on Earth,” the “Kingdom of God on Earth.”

We tune inside the goodness of our part, the part of our goodness, and get that, get used to it, always keep by it, then we attract goodness, because “like attracts like.” Therefore, if we stay with this good force, then we're always in it.

And then after we leave this world, because we are already in the good force, we can only go to the good. We already left the evil part, left the darkness.

So, God exists, but that is all the goodness of mankind put together. And the pure God is… there is some other existence where people of those levels do not think bad, do not generate evil force.

In this world, our levels are different. We generate both good and bad, therefore, we have suffering and happiness. In other worlds, where they are all developed, like the people who only step into the goodness and get transferred into the goodness.

Then there, that kind of level, only goodness exists, because they come from goodness here and they go to goodness over there. And then only the “goodness people” go over there, then there exists only goodness. So now, that is what we call “God power.”

Therefore, I tell you, refrain from evils and keep good, because if you want to tune yourself into that treasure house of the whole world, you can make use of that. And goodness only attracts goodness.

Therefore, once you meditate, you purify your deeds, body, and speech, then you attract only good things. No wonder your sicknesses are healed, your accidents are stopped, your dreams are good, your meditations are comfortable. It is very logical.

No need to believe that I am a Buddha or not a Buddha, whether I bless you or not bless you. From pure logic, you can understand my teaching is 100% correct.

But there are two different kinds of so-called teachings: one is talking, and the other is doing. I say, “Be good, do good, give in charity,” but I myself give, and you give, because you look at my example. Understand?

Therefore, our talk has force, has power, has supportive energy. Understand? And then we progress in this supportive energy, not in the talk. It is not only the car that runs with the wheels, it is the petrol it's the power, that runs the car, and also the driver in it. Understand? The car alone is no good.

Therefore, talk and “talk” are different, right? Just like you have money in the bank and you write a check; whomever you give it to, he has the power to draw the real money out and use it. The other person, maybe also, he just maybe prints a similar check and then he writes his name on it and he gives it to whomever he likes - it doesn't benefit him anything.

Or maybe his bank account is empty and he has a checkbook, but the more he draws the poorer he becomes. He will get into trouble. Understand what I mean? So checks and “checks” are different, talk and “talk” are different.

Therefore, many people cannot understand, cannot differentiate from true teaching and false teaching. We talk, but we have the access to this power already. We know it, we can use some of it already, we see some of it, some of its properties - that we see Light, we hear the Sound, however feeble, however little - we know we are very near, or we are at the edge of that goodness, or we pop in and out of that goodness.

At least we taste it, so then we can talk. So our talk has power, you understand? We do what we say, and we have what we say we have. That is the difference.

It's no technique even, that. If the Master does not give you the transmission power, not to open your inner eye and not to clear away all your obstacles of your ignorance and bad karma (retribution), bad influence from the past, you will never see the Light, whether you close your eyes for 100 years, or you open them for 1,000 ages.

Understand what I mean? It is “no technique.” And even if you sit there, unmoved, for 1000 years, you'd see nothing if no Master's Grace descends upon you.

You see the woman, she washed her hair - she's there washing her hair - and she sees the Light. She's not sitting there like a Buddha, and so serious, so seriously trying to be enlightened. And when she washed dishes, it's not the time for concentration, but still… Understand what I mean? The grace of the Master, the grace of God is very, very important.

All the years, all the ages, people are just praising, “the Lord, the Lord, the Lord, the Lord of Mercy, the Lord who cut the chains of my ignorance, who cut my transmigration chains…” all that is ascribed to the living master at that time only! No other God besides Hirm.

Now you understand or not? If you have no master, you don't know God; and you only know God through a master, because the master teaches you how to know God and then you know you are also the master, you are God.

And then you praise the master, because he is so merciful. “Without the master, I don't even know God.” Therefore, they place the master before God, because God really is non-existent, apart from your own enlightenment, your own realization. There's no other God. Understand?
I hope you understand. It's very abstract what I am talking about, but it's so logical.