They are just like us, just a different shape that’s all. Different shape… just to colour the world, you know? Just like different flowers.

They are beings with all intelligence, all love, all resolution, just like us!

Hallo sweet-hearted viewers and welcome to another effervescent episode of Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants! Today we’ll meet four joyful individuals with fascinating stories about their delightful animal companions and the beautiful, harmonious relationships they share. We begin with our Association member Manisha, a lover of animals who lives in the enchanting country of Nepal.

Who wouldn't like animals? They are very kind hearted and compassionate. They have selfless loving natures. They express the same kind of behavior on the outside as what they feel on the inside.

It all started when Manisha’s cousin brought home eight fish in a tank. From that point on, unfortunately he did very little in the way of caring for the fish. During this period Manisha started having dreams involving these fish.

I saw in my dreams that the fish were talking to me, and the aquarium was breaking and I also saw Master with them. At first I didn't pay any attention to them, but after having similar dreams many times I felt from inside as if they're trying to communicate with me. Perhaps they were requesting that I save them. I felt something like that.

Then one day I made a decision that from now on, whatever it takes, I'm going to save the remaining fish, and take good care of them. And I decided to bring those fish to my room and take responsibility for them. So, I brought the aquarium to my room, I cleaned it, and only one was alive.

However, as a new caregiver, Manisha did not know where to find plant-based fish food for her finned companion.

Since I am a vegan, I wanted to give him vegan foods. I searched for vegan fish food in several shops, but I couldn't find it. Then I asked the shopkeeper about alternative fish food and they suggested me to keep a water plant inside the aquarium and the fish like eating those plants and that would be vegetarian as well.

And I fed him the same water plant for a month. And one day when I was having my meal, I thought what about giving some grains of cooked rice to the fish, the ones that I was eating. So, I dropped a couple of rice grains into the aquarium and the fish happily came nearby and ate the pieces of rice. So from that day onwards I gave him one to two grains of cooked rice every day after making it into small pieces. So, he is almost double in size now than before. And also he hasn’t been like before and he is very healthy and is also living very happily. Now it’s been nearly two years, the fish is living comfortably and is doing fine.

To the northeast of Nepal, at the foot of the Phoenix Mountain near Beijing, China lives a man who sings heartfelt songs about saving animal lives. Xie Zheng is a vegan independent music producer in China. He is also the founder of the China-based non-profit group Don't Eat Friends that promotes the plant-based diet and animal protection.

Don’t Eat Friends often holds benefit music concerts with proceeds from the events going to various animal rights organizations such as those seeking to stop bear bile farming or the fur trade in China. Mr. Xie also rescues and cares for stray animals and finds them loving forever homes.

They are sisters. When they came, they were just this big and had suffered from a kind of skin disease. After continuous treatment, they are healed and are ready to be adopted.

Animals are just like humans; each and every one of them has a unique personality and lovable qualities. Let’s meet one of Xie Zheng’s feline friends!

Lychee, an affectionate cat who is as sweet as her name, was just a little kitten when she was found abandoned in 2008 and was suffering from a severe eye infection at the time. The infection almost blocked her entire right eye.

Look how serious her wound was. At that time she had a huge scab on her face. We applied some eye drops. Although the wound looked very serious, it was only external. It was a cleansing process. See this one; she has become a bit better. Later we applied some Yunnan Baiyao (Chinese hemostatic medicine) and it worked very well. The wound gradually healed after that. So you can see now, she’s recovered and has grown to like us.

She knows that we’re her friends. We can also learn a lot from these cats. You see, after suffering such a tremendous trauma, they can still recover after a period of time. We can really learn from the animals. We can learn their attitude towards nature. They will not destroy nature for their own indulgence or enjoyment. They just need some sunlight. If humans had as few demands as the animals, we would not have caused such a large amount of environmental destruction, right?

We have all heard about handsome heroes coming to the rescue of damsels in distress. But have you ever met a rabbit hero? Peace, a Dutch breed bunny in Formosa (Taiwan), is one such rabbit you surely will never forget!

Peace is our treasure at home. We often take him to the balcony to enjoy the sunlight. One time, we were looking for Peace on the balcony, but we couldn't find him. After searching high and low, we still couldn't see him anywhere.

Peace…Peace, where are you? Peace, where are you?

Later on, we found a small hole in the balcony, which appeared to lead to the neighbor’s balcony, so we thought Peace probably had sneaked out to the neighbor's (place). Then we went to our neighbor’s (place) to have a look. We found Peace sitting in front of a cage where there was another rabbit inside. That rabbit appeared to be in bad shape. She had no food or water.

So we took some food and water from our home to feed the rabbit. After that, we went to talk to the neighbor hoping they would take better care of the rabbit. I think the rabbit must have asked for help from Peace. This is the story of how our Peace rescued a “beauty.”

Aww! What a lovely story! Finally, let’s journey over to Australia’s pristine Northern Rivers region in the state of New South Wales to hear a splendid tale involving a national icon – the kangaroo! It all began when our Association member Leslie Parks moved into a little wooden house in the middle of the forest. Furry friends like kangaroos and wallabies became her neighbors. When Leslie reads novels in the yard, the curious pouched friends occasionally come by to say “hi.” Over time the marsupials and Leslie have formed a special bond and kind-hearted Leslie feeds them delicious vegan foods like fruits every morning.

One day, a frightening event happened. Leslie was present when her joey or baby kangaroo friend was seriously hurt and sustained a deep wound on his leg. Thanks to Leslie’s fast action, she saved the marsupial from further injury and certain death. Understandably the baby’s mother was tremendously upset about her son’s condition. The joey jumped into her pouch and the mother hopped away. Leslie could barely sleep that night, sick with worry about the fate of her small friend.

Leslie couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the little baby joey smiling at her the very next morning.

I said prayers all night. My Master helped me with her love and blessings. In the morning the mother came along with the baby to my front steps, and this was the most beautiful thing I think. The mother looked at the baby and baby looked up at me and I was like: “What do you want to tell me?”

The little baby kangaroo just started making this little noises like ‘kekeke… kekeke’ and I was like: “Oh! What are you saying?” and then he just started telling me this whole story and I felt like: “Oh my God, Okay, you are telling me all about it and how much it scared you.” And I was like: “Yes, I understand you. I really was scared, I thought I was going to lose you.”

And then he was looking up at the tree like he really understood what I was saying to him and he was saying to me, and it was really quite amazing. The gaping wound in the side of his leg was totally gone and healed that morning. And it was literally like a miracle had happened.

To celebrate the little joey’s courage, Leslie named the lucky fellow “Brave.”

And from that day on that little baby kangaroo, with his mother, comes to my house, bangs his head on the door in the morning, comes inside, and I feed him fruit, and he shares his life with me now and he’s the bravest kangaroo out of all the kangaroos that I have living on my property, which I probably got about 20 little baby wallabies and then all the other bigger kangaroos, but he’s the bravest one out of the lot.

And he knows me and he talks to me. I just go out to my veranda and I call out: ‘Brave!’ And he comes, he answers me and he comes hopping to me, and it’s just a wonderful connection we’ve made. And even now when I still think about it, it just brings such joy!

Indeed animals are like jewels who truly brighten our lives. May we all love and treasure their precious existence on our shared planet so that our world is always like Eden on Earth. We thank all the dedicated caregivers featured on today’s show for providing such a warm and affectionate home to the animals. May all follow your noble example in how to kindly treat our animal friends.

Friendly viewers, thank you for your charming presence today on our program. Coming up next is Enlightening Entertainment after Noteworthy News. May we always appreciate the wonderful companionship of the animals in our lives.