A blind man is restored to sight. The deceased is raised to life. Mortals see Heaven before their eyes. The holy scriptures are full of wonders witnessed in the presence of great enlightened Masters. Do unexplainable events we call miracles still happen?

Through Supreme Master Ching Hai’s loving guidance in the Quan Yin practice of meditation, members of our Association worldwide have encountered their own extraordinary incidents in their daily lives. Such privileged moments are a true Master’s grace manifested. Supreme Master Ching Hai has often accredited her students’ miracles to their own reawakened greatness, natural outcomes of daily contact with the Divine.

Every time you pray, miracles will happen all the time because you are in the direction of benevolence and miracles. We are also the miracles. If we know how to tap into this miraculous power within ourselves, then we are in full power, empowered with all miracles and all the mighty power that we can imagine.

In a foreign land, I met you some years ago. Your nun’s robe, the color of faded brown, Both worldly life and renunciation uncertain. Born with a headstrong personality, In a female form, you endured controversy.

I read the old verse with nostalgia – A cheerful line here, a line of grievance there. Each polished sentence Still quietly reflects your grace and elegance. When you passed on, who cried and who rejoiced? To whom could you explain the misjudgments and turmoil? Pray to the Three Jewels on the high abode May the Awakened Soul be saved from the world of sorrow!

Beauty is often ill-fated; A poet’s hair turns gray before others’! Alas! Alas! At the Buddha’s altar, I lit a fragrant incense In reverence And prayed to Amitabha Buddha To take the kindhearted to the Western Land... Namo Buddha Namo Dharma (Teachings) Namo Sangha (Assembly of renunciates) Namo Quan Yin Bodhisattva Mahasattva! To take the kindhearted to the Western Land...

Beauty is often ill-fated; A poet’s hair turns gray before others’! Alas! Alas! At the Buddha’s altar, I lit a fragrant incense In reverence And prayed to Amitabha Buddha To take the kindhearted to the Western Land... Namo Buddha Namo Dharma (Teachings) Namo Sangha (Assembly of renunciates) Namo Quan Yin Bodhisattva Mahasattva! To take the kindhearted to the Western Land... Namo Buddha Namo Dharma (Teachings) Namo Sangha (Assembly of renunciates) Namo Quan Yin Bodhisattva Mahasattva! To take the kindhearted to the Western Land...

We now invite you to this episode of a series sharing amazing true stories about our Association members’ modern-day miracles on the path.

As during this 1999 lecture given in Poland, Supreme Master Ching Hai has often said that seeking God within is humans’ foremost purpose which also leads to a happier life on Earth.

As a disciple of Supreme Master Ching Hai, Vân, our Association member from Âu Lạc (Vietnam), not only receives guidance in her spiritual development, but also help in her daily life.

I’d like to tell a story in which Master’s transcendental body has helped me in my daily life. I live in a remote rural area where it is very difficult to get to the market. We have a machine used for grinding soybeans to make tofu.

One day, while her husband was gone to visit his hometown, Vân started the tofu-making machine to grind soybeans.

I started the machine to grind soybeans to make tofu, but I inattentively let the machine run dry of diesel oil. When I filled the machine with diesel oil, it couldn’t start. So, I asked my neighbor to come over to help fix it. Normally, when diesel oil is poured into the machine, one must let the wind out for the machine to start. But for this machine, you don’t need to do that. But my neighbor did not know. He opened the machine, the screws fell off, and he did not know how to put them back. He kept trying, but couldn’t fix it.

I also asked many people, but no one could fix it. Finally, I gave up. The next morning, as usual, I woke up at 3 am to meditate. While meditating, I thought of the damaged machine and asked Master to help to repair it for me. After praying, I thought: “Master is also a woman, isn’t it too unreasonable to ask Master to fix my machine? Master is busy with so many affairs, why do I ask Master to fix my machine?”

Vân then felt regretful about what she thought was a mundane request, and repented. At that moment, Master’s transcendental form appeared to her as if she were really physically present at her home.

Master appeared in a white Aulacese (Vietnamese) bà ba outfit with short hair. Master walked into my house. Master beckoned me to come. On the scene, there were a machine, screws, keys. Master instructed that I must open that, there was a marble and a spring inside. Master told me to switch them. I did as Master told me, fixing screws and tightening them. Then, I started the machine. It ran. While the machine was running, I held the crank in my hand and I just cried. I did not know what to say to thank Master.

When I was crying, my aged mother walked out and asked, “Why do you repair the machine at this time?” How come you don’t let everyone sleep, but stand there and cry?” I pointed at the machine and said, “Mom, Master taught me to fix it.” At that time, my mother and I did not know what to say, we just cried. In the morning, my neighbors heard my machine running. They thought my husband had come back and fixed the machine. They came and asked, “Your husband returned home and fixed it already?” I said, “No, he isn’t home yet.” They asked, “Who repaired your machine?” I said, “My Master fixed it for me.”

While Supreme Master Ching Hai was a long distance away in another country and continent at the time, her transcendental form had paid a visit to our Association member’s home, bringing the perfect knowledge needed to fix the machine. During a 1993 lecture in Indonesia, Supreme Master Ching Hai explained the incredible phenomenon of the Master’s transcendental, or Light manifestation, bodies.

The outer Master is found only at one place, is limited, and has only one body. The inner Master has innumerable manifestation bodies and is omnipresent. This is the difference. This external Master speaks only five or six languages, but the inner Master speaks all languages. The ultimate way of saving the most people is to practice the Quan Yin Method.

You will have innumerable manifestation bodies, thousands of hands and thousands of eyes, just like the Quan Yin Bodhisattva. Then, we can really save people. We won't incur any karma because we save people without saving. We do without doing. We are not doing with our own person, but with the Almighty Power of the universe.

Next, our South Korean Association member by the name of Soo-mi also witnessed Supreme Master Ching Hai’s transcendental body – multiple times – among other astonishing experiences.

When I got initiated I had a chance to participate in a 3-day retreat right after initiation. We were meditating when Master came into the hall packed with disciples. There was no free space that I, this small woman, had to sit on the far back corner. Master was at the front and I was far from the stage. Since I wanted to see Master closely from afar, I did like this repeatedly, and Master suddenly on the stage did like this and her eyes met mine and a light from her eye directly came to me like a laser beam. Our eyes met like this and the golden light was aimed and launched at me like a laser.

When the retreat was over we had a dinner party. It was Supreme Master Ching Hai Day, and Master received an award and sang songs. When Master was singing “Go! Go! Go!,” initiates came out and began dancing and dancing, but I did not intend to go join in. But I was carried along by initiates to join in. There were too many initiates in front, and we were in the back. And the stage was high, up to about here. Master sang “Ocean of Love” and then “Go! Go! Go!.” She approached me and was looking at me, one-on-one, while singing.

You will then realize I am everything that you've ever desired I am everything that you've ever desired As Supreme Master Ching Hai was singing her original songs at the audience’s sincere requests, Soo-mi soon realized that the Master who was approaching her was not the physical Master.

Master’s real body was over there. It was her transcendental body that had come to me, and told me, “The one you searched for so much is me. Now you have come to my ocean of love. Today, enjoy yourself here, showered with my love.” I then realized why I had searched for a Master since I was six years old. Upon knowing that, the tears just came.

My surroundings were black, and only Master was looking at me one-on-one. Her transcendental body was looking at me and continued this inner communication with me until the song was over. So later, Master ended the song, and initiates told me, “Wake up, wake up,” and to clean your tears and nose running. And then, my retreat was over in happiness.

Soo-mi recalls an experience at the time of her initiation into the Quan Yin Method in 1994.

When I came for initiation in 1994, we came to the airport to greet Master. At that moment, I thought Master was already going away like that, and as I was thinking this, without me knowing it, I said, “Mommy, Mommy!” twice. Master was gone away about 10 meters. She stepped away quickly, but suddenly, she turned back. Turning back, she came straight toward me. I was short and covered with many sisters in front of me, so I could not be seen. But Master stood right in front of me and gave her hand to me. I was so happy, so I grasped her hand. She made eye contact with me. And she smiled at me.

About 10 years later, during an international gathering, Soo-mi had a chance to speak with Supreme Master Ching Hai. Master said, “Ten years ago, you also gave me a difficult time, calling me, “Mommy, Mommy,” and did not let me go.” She said that you may not know, but I have raised you guys up, so you can solve issues by yourself. Upon hearing her say that, I was so stunned. I thought, Oh Master, you still remember me? Oh, you consider each disciple as a very precious kid. After the retreat, I came to the airport by a tour bus. Master’s transcendental form whispered in my ear that she loves me so much. I was crying and crying so much on the tour bus. I managed to stop crying later, and boarded the airplane. On the airplane, [her transcendental form] came all the way there, too. She came to me and said, “I love you. I love you so much.” “I love you more than my life.”

I am the Ocean of Love Come to Me I am the River of Life Bathe in Me I am more to you than the sunshine I am above space and time! Rest in My bosom Then you'll know freedom Rest in My loving arms Then you'll be far from harm

We are amazed and grateful to Supreme Master Ching Hai, whose loving presence comes to the aid and comfort of countless beings. We also thank our Association members for sharing their stories that inspire greater faith in the infinite Divine.

Gracious viewers, thank you for your company today. Join us every Sunday for “Miracles on the Path” on A Journey through Aesthetic Realms. Now, please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for Our Noble Lineage, next after Noteworthy News. Wishing you Heaven’s abundant blessings.

Next Sunday: Our Aulacese (Vietnamese) Association member suddenly finds herself choking with no one there to help her. At that time, I suddenly remembered Master and I called: “O Master! Help me! I’m dying!” That was all I could do, then I lay there with eyes closed, waiting for death.

Our Chilean Association member’s son suffers deadly stab wounds, but his x-rays show another story. When the doctor saw [my son’s] x-ray, he was absolutely shocked, he could not understand how he was alive, and at that moment he said directly to him that it was a miracle.

Please join us on A Journey through Aesthetic Realms, Sunday, October 23, for the next “Miracles on the Path.” Please join us on A Journey through Aesthetic Realms, today for the next “Miracles on the Path.”

So now, suppose we have found the passageway back to the Kingdom of God, what will happen? It's something that will change our life for much more the better because the connection with God which has been severed before, now reconnected.

It's just like the Bible mentions that, "Seek you first the Kingdom of God and all the things shall be added onto you."

And there is nothing you want that Hes will not give you. Hes will take care of the minute detail of your life including waking you up when you are late. Really!

Every day miracles happen to our lives once we reconnect ourselves with God, and all we have to do is just sit there and try to listen to what Hes says. That's all we do.