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The World Calls for Strong Climate Action
Unsustainable water use depleting the world's major aquifers - 2 Jan 2012
Climate change ‘fights’ rice farmers in Northern Ghana - 1 Jan 2012
France has had hottest year since 1900 - 31 Dec 2011
Studies highlight growing urgency of preserving biodiversity - 30 Dec 2011
Temperatures in December 2011 were a full six degrees Celsius warmer than usual in Finland - 29 Dec 2011
Increased chance of runaway Arctic global warming due to permafrost melt - 28 Dec 2011
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Melting permafrost intensifies greenhouse gases. - 23 Feb 2011
Account from scientists calculates methane emissions from freshwater sediments. - 21 Jan 2011
Continued Arctic methane release raises threat of runaway global warming.- 2 Jan 2011
Learning From the Past:Mass Extinctions and Global Warming with Dr. Peter Ward Play
Permafrost at Mt. Fuji and in Siberia melting at alarming rate - 28 Sep 2010
Antarctic melt is speeding methane releas - 23 Sep 2010
Warming Arctic oceans could result in devastating methane release - 30 Jul 2010
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East Antarctic Ice Sheet more sensitive to climate changes than previously thought. - 27 Feb 2011
Mexican glacier could disappear in just a few years. - 25 Feb 2011
Tibetan Plateau glaciers in dramatic decline. - 21 Feb 2011
Unprecedented ocean warming speeding Arctic melt. - 13 Feb 2011
Antarctica to welcome youngest Asian visitor. -3 Feb 2011
Greenland melting at record pace. - 30 Jan 2011
Extensive glacier melt to continue due to global warming. - 23 Jan 2011
Antarctic melting due to rising heat from deep oceans. - 12 Jan 2011
Record high temperatures threatening Greenland's ice sheets. - 7 Jan 2010
Polar bears dying from climate change-related ice melt. - 29 Dec 2010
Accelerated glacier melt threatens food security. - 28 Dec 2010
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Sea Shepherd expands to protect sea ecosystems. - 16 May 2011
Fishing and climate change top causes of coral reefs trouble. - 26 Feb 2011
Plastic endangers Mediterranean marine life. - 3 Feb 2011
Warming oceans lead to growth of poisonous alga. - 10 Jan 2011
Increasing dead zones threaten fish populations. - 3 Jan 2011
Ocean dead zones may foreshadow mass extinction. - 19 Dec 2010
Historical Ice Age could be repeated. - 13 Nov 2010
European Commission seeks stronger protection of bluefin tuna. - 3 Nov 2010
Ghost Waters - The Global Disappearance of Fish Play
Greenpeace Brazil – The Importance of Ocean Preservation (In Portuguese) Play
The oceans are central to our livelihoods and our survival on the planet Play
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Peru takes steps to preserve her biodiversity - 17 Jun 2011
Biodiversity in Danger: The Cause and Solution Play
UK's farmland birds decline by more than half. - 15 Feb 2011
Climate change effects in Turkey jeopardize local bird populations. - 2 Feb 2011
Aspen tree die-off linked to disease also deadly to humans. - 31 Jan 2011
Key species and habitats jeopardized by climate change. - 22 Jan 2011
Endangered gorilla populations on the rise. - 14 Jan 2011
Unique South African penguin faces perilous future. - 11 Jan 2011
Royal Botanic Gardens names top ten discoveries of 2010. - 26 Dec 2010
Conservation efforts pay off for Mexican village. - 1 Dec 2010
Mexican school children return turtles to the sea. - 30 Nov 2010
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