Twelve-year-old Ryan Curtis from Michigan, USA
was hailed as a hero after a split-second action saved the life of his 4-year-old friend.
The two boys were playing in a battery-powered go-kart
one Saturday afternoon, when one of the tires got stuck in a pot hole.
At that moment, a truck whose driver did not see the children backed into the driveway. Ryan quickly pushed off the young boy who was in his lap, leaving himself in harm’s way.

Ryan (m):
I was going into my friend’s driveway, riding him on the go-kart. And I turned and
the truck was pulling up and I pushed him out of the way. And I got hit.
I was under the car.

So, what were you thinking when that happened, just that you needed to save
the life of this little boy?

Ryan (m):
Yes, and he is my friend.

How is he doing now?
He's doing okay?

Ryan (m):
Yes. He’s got one scrape.

Ryan’s quick-thinking saved his friend’s life although he himself was hurt. He had dozens of stitches
all the way to the bone, scraped knees and cuts on his hands, as well as a red and bruised eye.
After being treated at the hospital, Ryan had to spend time recovering at home. He told reporters that he was just glad that his 4-year-old friend was okay.