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New study suggests life on Mars existed underground.
A new National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) study published in the scientific journal “Nature” concludes that the longest-lasting habitats on Mars were underground. In the study, led by Dr. Bethany Ehlmann of the California Institute of Technology in the US, scientists re-examined mineral-mapping data that European and NASA spacecraft orbiting Mars collected from more than 350 sites over the past five years.

Although clay minerals had been previously discovered across the surface of Mars, indicating warm, wet conditions with the potential to harbor life, the scientists noted that a much thicker atmosphere would have been necessary for the water to persist there for more than short periods of time.

Saying that these findings give a different perspective to where life may have survived on the planet, Dr. Ehlmann stated, “If surface habitats were short-term... it says something about what type of environment we might want to look in. The most stable Mars habitats over long durations appear to have been in the subsurface.”

Our appreciation, Dr. Ehlmann, fellow researchers and National Aeronautics and Space Administration colleagues, for sharing these intriguing findings. May such understanding of our planetary neighbor help us better appreciate the wonders of the cosmos, including our magnificent and life-supporting Earth.

During a January 2009 videoconference with Supreme Master Television staff in California, USA, Supreme Master Ching Hai revealed insights about life on planets such as Mars and how their existence might relate to ours.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: They live underground, and they live very frugally, recycling-ly, and spiritually.
The found the underground water, river, and they live nearby. Most of the people live near the underground water.

They produce oxygen by special techniques that they invented with time, from the underground water.
And they recycle water a lot and they recycle the air also whenever possible.

And they pump up the methane and the other gasses onto the surface of Mars. They know what’s happening to our planet, almost like what happened to them.

They know they cannot help, but of course, they have a message. There were two messages. The first one is from the Council of the People and there are only two words from them: “Be Virtuous.” And the second message is from the Chairman of the People. He says: “Save your home before it’s too late.”

Extra News
With technological improvements that include stacking photo-absorption layers as well as reduced electrical resistance of the areas making contact, Japan-based Sharp Corporation develops a solar cell with the world’s highest conversion efficiency of 36.9%, reports PhysOrg on November 4, 2011.

As reported in Science Daily on November 6, 2011, US scientists studying a newly discovered mega-drought period from previous centuries that affected the southwestern USA state that current human-caused climate change is very likely to worsen the intensity of such dry periods with even more extreme conditions than in the past.