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Israel seeks to stabilize the Dead Sea.
As part of a larger campaign to have the remarkable water body and surrounding region containing the lowest point on Earth declared as one of the natural wonders of the world, the Israeli government is also seeking to protect tourism near the Sea.

However, the rising waters of the Sea's southern basins are threatening to submerge buildings such as hotels within five to ten years.

These water levels, which are currently increasing at a rate of 20 centimeters a year, are caused by displacement, as millions of tons of salt are left behind on the Sea floor by ongoing mineral extraction industries.

Leading Israeli environmentalist, Dr. Alon Tal, (NFT: PhD) has proposed a solution of moving the submerged salts to the northern side of the Sea, which is drying.

The resulting displacement in the northern basin would have the desired effect of raising waters there, while also preventing flooding on the southern side.

Our thanks, Dr. Tal and Israeli government, for your efforts to find a solution that maintains the renowned Dead Sea. May sustainable, Earth-protecting practices be adopted everywhere to conserve our precious natural world.

Extra News
During the sixth Forest Europe conference in Oslo, Norway, European ministers agree on Thursday, June 16, 2011 to begin negotiations for a legally binding agreement to protect the continent's forests, with Poland's Minister Janusz Zaleski pledging continued focus during his country's upcoming European Union presidency. ,

The discovery of thousands of lifeless fish and other marine animals for more than 10 days, starting June 4, 2011 in Solomon Islands' Marovo Lagoon has caused officials to issue an advisory against swimming or consuming local fish as they note that the leaching of a chemical for killing termites or a toxic algal bloom may be the reason for these massive deaths.

A June 14 press release from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization warns that 8 million people in Djibouti, Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia are in need of emergency assistance due to ongoing drought that has caused drastic rises in food prices and increased levels of acute malnutrition.,