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Saying that the wetland trees shield from storm surges as well as store large amounts of carbon, a study by the US Forest Service highlights the need to conserve coastal mangrove forests which have declined by up to 50% in the last five decades.,

New research shows that glaciers in Patagonia between Chile and Argentina are melting up to 100 times faster than the average rates of the past 350 years.

Affirming the importance of protecting the area's coastal wetlands, Formosan (Taiwanese) President Ma Ying-Jeou halts the continuation of a US$20 billion petrochemical project in Changhua County.

The Uttar Pradesh state Pollution Control Board in India urges the government to shut down 21 leather tanneries, which have been found
to be discharging highly toxic waste directly into the Ganges River, creating danger for bothhealth and environment.,