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Livestock raising a major source of dangerous nitrogen pollution.
Excessive amounts of nitrogen in the environment are costing up to €320 billion per year in damage to Europe's environment and human health, according to a major study just conducted by 200 experts from 21 countries.
The costs of this nitrogen pollution, which originates largely from livestock manure and synthetic fertilizers, represent more than double the benefits of the continent’s agriculture sector.

Nitrogen runoff in rivers and streams causes algal growths that suffocate aquatic and marine life as well as disturb delicate ecosystems. Lead author, Dr. Mark Sutton of the UK's Center of Ecology and Hydrology, also pointed out that 85% of the nitrogen in crops is actually consumed by livestock; only 15% is used to feed humans directly.

This, combined with the excessive nitrogen from livestock manure highlights a need to reduce meat intake. Dr. Sutton and colleagues, we are grateful for your work that underscores the dangers of nitrogen pollution and livestock raising. May humanity quickly adopt lifestyles that preserve and protect all beings on our planetary home.,

During a meeting with Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga, former US President Bill Clinton commends the Kenyan leader's interest in protecting his nation's environment as he pledges the support of his philanthropic foundation for programs to preserve Kenya’s forests and other natural resources.,

A Green Corridor initiative by Jordan’s Royal Botanic Garden and the French embassy seeks to plant millions of trees from the northern city of Irbid to Aqaba in the south, in an effort to increase the country green cover, protect biodiversity and provide jobs to local villagers.

Scientists seek the cause of thousands of sardines found dead in California's Ventura Harbor in the USA, especially as this sad event follows one just last month when 175 tons of sardines were discovered similarly perished in nearby King Harbor near Redondo Beach.
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Supreme Master Ching Hai : Eating hunted wild animals is often linked to disease, fatal disease, incurable disease even, as we’ve discussed earlier about AIDS and pneumonic plague. Eating wildlife meat can cost you your life and the life of your loved ones as well; it’s infectious.

So we should never eat these hunted animals for our own life’s sake and our children’s sake. Every small effort to help our wild co-inhabitants will have an effect, and will be remembered – good effect and well remembered by the grateful animals and by Heaven and by our future generation.

See, the wilds, they are not that wild. They are very, very friendly, very adorable and are very grateful. If you’re good to them, they’re good to you.

The energy that we create by loving animals and by wanting to save the planet is immense, and it’s going to affect you and everyone around it. So, logically speaking, vegetarian diet is the protection that we need. We need this protective energy. The most important thing that every one of us can do and the easiest is just to be veg.

That will help improve the environment and stop global warming 80%. And the 20% leftover, nature will take care. So, we will have absolutely nothing to fear if everyone becomes vegan, then the planet will completely be healed, be protected and will progress.