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The World Wildlife Fund and Quảng Nam Provincial Forest Protection Department in Âu Lạc (Vietnam) create a Saola Natural Reserve in the Annamite Mountains along the border with Laos to protect the endangered and elusive animal also known as the Asian unicorn, as well as the area’s other unique species.

Supreme Master Ching Hai is sending a special letter of thanks to the World Wildlife Fund and Quảng Nam Provincial Forest Protection Department in Âu Lạc, as well as offering a US$10,000 contribution for their noble cause.

Non-profit organization ClimateWorks Australia reports that delays in enacting climate policies are resulting in lost opportunities to meet emission reduction goals by 2020, resulting in US$1 billion in additional costs even now, with exponential increases if the lack of action continues.

In an effort to stop massive amounts of still-edible food from being thrown away, British ministers propose the elimination of freshness date labels in favor of keeping only the ones with necessary information for food safety, to help reduce the five million metric tons of food and drink wasted annually
as well as save £6 billion each year.,

Supreme Master Ching Hai : The first is to save the planet from a climate catastrophe, save all lives in this world. If we don’t stop it, we will continue on a course toward total disaster and mass extinction, affecting everyone.

Once meat, alcohol, drugs, and tobacco are eliminated, the changes and improvements will be so far-reaching, and so wonderful, it will be like a great leap in our evolution.

We will be creating a powerful, positive, loving and harmonious energy that is constructive and beneficial to all on Earth, in all aspects.

And with this energy, we will be able to counter and defeat the dark, menacing, dangerous energy that is trying to suffocate us and trying to destroy our only home, for our children, that is our beloved planet.