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Floods and drought affect Thailand.
On Tuesday, April 12, the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department reported that four provinces in the south of the nation were still flooded after heavy rains starting in March claimed 61 lives and destroyed over 500 homes, with damage to more than 10,000 others.

As floodwaters recede throughout six other provinces, reconstructive efforts have begun, and the Federation of Thai Industries announced that the cost of this disaster may be as high as US$333 million.
Meanwhile, extreme drought conditions continue to afflict northern regions of the country, with some that have been ongoing for over a decade. At present, across the 47 north and northeastern provinces that are enduring dry conditions, almost 30,000 villages are affected.

We pray for the soon recuperation of the graceful Thai people as we express our sorrow over the lives lost. May our planetary home soon regain its nurturing balance through humanity’s increased awareness to safeguard the environment.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has often spoken about ways to curb the worsening of climate change, as during a December 2010 interview with “El Quintanarroense” newspaper in Mexico.,,