New permafrost study reveals larger global warming problem - 16 Nov 2008  
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New permafrost study highlights the threat of runaway global warming. Professor Chien-Lu Ping and colleagues at the University of Alaska, USA have released the results of a 10 year study that analyzed over 100 one-meter deep samples of North American frozen earth, or permafrost. They found that Alaskan and Canadian permafrost alone contains 137 billion tons of greenhouse gases, which is about twice the amount previously thought. A two- or three-degree Celsius increase in Arctic temperature could melt the permafrost, releasing its stored gases into the atmosphere and leading to devastating runaway global warming.

Dr. Chien-Lu Ping and associates, we appreciate your efforts to quantify the threat presented by melting permafrost. With Heaven’s grace, may we move swiftly toward sustainable lifestyles that support all life on our cherished planet.

Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke about the effects of the melting permafrost in a videoconference with Seattle Center, Washington, USA on July 6, 2008:

Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai with Seattle Center, Washington, USA – July 6, 2008

If it is not cold then even all the permafrost, which the cold hard mud layers, will be melted also, and then the gas from the permafrost also will be released. And that’s the reason maybe you feel more tired. And some places may have more mental illness, and all kinds of other illnesses, and diseases go where they have not been before even. Like mosquitoes, they migrate into different areas where they have not been before because the climate is warmer.
Everybody has to join into the vegetarian diet, and stop the killing, stop the harm to other people and the animals and save energies every way possible and go green wherever possible. Then we still can save the planet