Warming oceans lead to growth of poisonous alga. - 10 Jan 2011  
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Rising temperatures in ocean waters caused by climate change are causing increased growth of a marine algae that make a substance called ciguatoxins. As fish ingest the algae, they accumulate more and more of these toxins, which in turn become poisonous to people who eat the flesh of the toxic fish.

Ciguatoxins cannot be removed by either cooking or freezing, and their poisoning effect is often difficult to detect because there are no diagnostic tests. There is also no treatment, and even small amounts of ciguatoxin can cause illness, with reactions ranging from nausea and vomiting, to neurological symptoms. A three-year project to monitor ciguatera illness is currently being conducted by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to assess its relationship with the changing environment.

Dr. Glenn Morris, principal investigator of the project at the University of Florida, USA said, “It is important that we understand the potential impact of climate change, and rising sea surface temperatures, on the occurrence of this disease.”

Dr. Morris (e): We really want to know about what's going on globally, because that's the way in which we can best prevent disease from coming here into the United States.

Dr. Morris and University of Florida colleagues as well as the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we appreciate your concerned efforts to document this dangerous fish-borne disease and its link to global warming. May we all turn to the protective plant-based diet to protect our own wellbeing and halt these and other devastating effects of climate change.

During a March 2009 videoconference in the USA, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke of the marine ecosystem's fragile balance, highlighting the need to eliminate meat consumption to renew the balance of life in the ocean and for all Earth's inhabitants.

As the ocean becomes warmer and warmer and more acidic, more toxins are present in the water. The whales and dolphins are thus being driven from the ocean as conditions worsen; it is suffocating them. L69-76 Being vegan is our top priority because

this provides the most immediate cooling through actions that can be taken by individuals. The main factor that contributes to our global warming right now is methane, and methane comes from livestock raising.

So if we cut methane, the planet cools down quick.