Azerbaijani government hosts Caspian Week - 4 Oct 2010  
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In commemoration of both World Maritime Day and the Week of the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan’s Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry hosted events such as a cleaning day along various sections of the nation’s 955-kilometer eastern shoreline, along with presentations on protecting the Caspian Sea’s resources.

Volunteers cleared over 65 tons of household and industrial wastes from the coastlines. Personnel from the Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry also released half a million sturgeon into the Caspian Sea as part of an ongoing effort since 2003 to rebalance the regional marine ecosystem.

Bravo and our accolades, government and people of Azerbaijan for your attentive actions to restore the Caspian Sea and coastline. May we all strive to similarly live in harmony with nature through our considerate care of the environment.