Dog gives her life to save young girl - 25 Dec 2011  
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When flash flooding from tropical storm Sendong collapsed the roof on which she had been standing with her parents, brother and the family dog in Mindanao, southern Philippines, 7-year-old Jennylou Yecyec was frantically separated from her family in the rushing waters.

Despite her panic, she suddenly realized that the family’s dog was swimming beside her and that the canine, who was also pregnant, was bumping her lightly as if saying something.

In a flash of understanding, Jennylou saw that the dog was trying to help her, and she held tight as the canine navigated her safely toward a plank of wood. However, as soon as Jennylou grabbed the wood, her faithful companion immediately sank into the swirling flood waters and was never seen again.

Rescuers later found Jennylou and reunited her with her joyful family in an evacuation center. The young girl said, “I would have died if not for our dog.”

With our hearts touched, we offer grateful thanks for the lifesaving efforts of the heroic Yecyec family's faithful companion as we send our sympathies for her loss. Blessed be all families in appreciating the undying love and loyalty of our animal friends.
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