Empire State Building turns on the lights to save dolphins - 15 Dec 2011  
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On Friday, December 9, the entire upper section of the legendary structure in New York City, USA was illuminated in red. Inspired by professional race car driver Ms. Leilani Munter who is also a volunteer for the organization Save Japan Dolphins, the lights are intended to raise awareness about the plight of the marine mammals that are killed every year for dolphin meat in Japan.

Among those attending the special lighting ceremony were dolphin advocate, Mr. Ric O’Barry, who was featured in the Academy Award-winning documentary film, "The Cove," which depicts the annual dolphin hunt, as well as the film’s producer, Fisher Stevens, and director Mr. Louie Psihoyos.

Mr. Psihoyos stated, "The Empire State Building is arguably the most iconic building in the world. In the hearts and minds of the entire world it represents a beacon of what humanity can achieve when we dare to dream a better world."

We sincerely thank Mr. Louie Psihoyos, Ms. Leilani Munter, Empire State Building management and owners and all other concerned advocates for lighting up the New York City skyline on behalf of this worthy cause.
May it illuminate the hearts of many with compassion and respect, bringing the dolphin and all fellow animal inhabitants the peace and freedom they so deserve.

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