Whale songs echo throughout the seas. - 17 Apr 2011  
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An 11-year study by Australian scientists has found that, starting off the eastern coast of the continent, a single romantic song is emanated by humpback whales.

This tune eventually spreads to all whales across the world's oceans, with a new song created again from the same location about every two years.

One of the researchers, University of Queensland graduate student Ellen Garland, stated, "Songs... (move like) cultural ripples from one population to another, causing all males to change their song to a new version.”

She went on to say that this the first documented study of such a broad-scale cultural exchange in any species other than humans.

What an amazing discovery about these soulful singers of the seas! With such ever deepening insights into the sentience and sensitivity of animals like the majestic whale, may we appreciate and respect all animal co-inhabitants' cherished lives.


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