Fizz, a rescued Staffordshire bull terrier, finds Honey, a missing Shih Tzu. - 1 Apr 2011  
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Adopted canine Fizz was on one of his wonderful daily walks in Ashton Court Estate near Bristol in England.

He was with his best friend Tila, a Chihuahua cross, and their beloved caregivers, Ms. Alexandra Bassingham and Mr. Ian Fergusson. Earlier, the couple had seen posters indicating two Shih Tzus, Poppette and Honey, had gone missing on the grounds.

Suddenly, Fizz ran towards what appeared to be Honey, who disappeared again and could not be found. Ten days later, Fizz once again detected Honey and raced into the brambles.

When Ms. Bassingham followed him, she located Honey, entangled in thorns with her eyes covered with ulcers. Honey was reunited with her human companions as well as lovely Poppette, and was given medical treatment.

Bravo, clever Fizz, for finding beautiful Honey. We wish both of you many happy walks and joyful times with human and animal companions alike.
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