French groups call for a ban on meat. - 31 Mar 2011  
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Hundreds of activists joined the Vegetarian Association of France, L214, and Against the Exploitation of Animals (CLEDA) on their Walk for the Abolition of Meat in Paris, France.

Beginning at Beaubourg Square in the center of the city, participants carried banners to raise awareness about the cruelty linked to meat consumption.

Our Association members from Paris, who also took part, displayed a vegan poster, based on the Alternative Living flyer designed by Supreme Master Ching Hai.

There were three stops along the route of the march, with the Vegan Society of France offering delicious plant-based treats at one of the locations, as well as information on benevolent eating and vegan restaurants in Paris. 

SupremeMasterTV Correspondent (m):You are taking part in the march for the abolition of meat?

Participant (f):Yes, absolutely!

SupremeMasterTV Correspondent (m):What motivated you to do so?

Participant (f):Well, my reasons – there are many! Of course it’s for the animals because it is always difficult to imagine that we humans could treat animals this way; and we all know that livestock production, and the fact that we eat enormous amounts of meat, create very harmful
consequences in terms of CO2 emissions and all problems related to the environment.
Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!

Participant (m): We need to think about the environment, think about our ways of life. If people have the strength to stop eating meat, this will be a good thing.

Bravo, Vegetarian Association of France, L214, Against the Exploitation of Animals, and the Vegan Society of France, for your devoted efforts to call attention to compassionate ways of living by adopting plant-strong fare. May our eco sphere soon be a place where all beings can be ensured
a peaceful and joyous existence.

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