Russian students help save endangered tiger. - 14 Mar 2011  
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According to news agency Russia Today, schoolchildren hearing of the plight of Zhorik the Amur tiger rallied to save him by seeking a way to help pay for a needed facial operation.

Young students across eastern Russia were successful in raising thousands of dollars for the surgery as well as helping him to be placed in a new home in the Khabarovsk region.

Campaigns to protect the highly endangered Amur tiger in Russia have been led by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin with the support of other animal advocates such as Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, in an effort to halt the deforestation and poaching that threatens their existence. 

Our heartfelt appreciation, Russian students and all other advocates for your lifesaving efforts on behalf of the beautiful Amur tiger. May these and all animals be protected and flourish in numbers as we strive to preserve their habitats and respect their lives.
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