Shining World Leadership segment on the Brazilian News Agency of Animal Rights - 28 Feb 2011  
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And now for our series of Shining World Leadership segment on the Brazilian News Agency of Animal Rights, whose website has more than 200,000 visitors a month.

The Series of Shining World Leadership Intro [VOICEOVER]: For decades, Supreme
Master Ching Hai has exemplified unconditional love through her worldwide humanitarian work. She has inspired our Association members and countless people across the globe, to follow her compassionate example. Through enlightened leadership a better world is truly possible. In recent times, a new and exciting phenomenon is on the rise that is bringing much hope and light to our planet Earth. More and more leaders and governments around the world are adopting practices that greatly improve and enhance the lives of their co-citizens, human and animal alike.

News Agency of Animal Rights (ANDA) is a Brazilian non-profit committed to disseminating information about creating a world of peace between all beings. Founded in 2008 by vegan journalist Ms. Silvana Andrade, ANDA’s staff is made up of volunteers including writers, nutritionists, teachers, and journalists. At the group’s website,, 40 columnists contribute articles and interviews, with approximately 200,000 visitors from 65 countries accessing the site each month. ANDA has co-sponsored a number of free concerts, with popular musicians expressing their love for our animal friends and planet in both words and song. Other festive events held by the organization include demonstrations of vegan food preparations and creative recycling workshops. ANDA has also joined with São Paulos’s Federation of Cycling to inaugurate the fun 1st Cycle Tour for Animals. Ms. Andrade is the editor of the book “Abolitionist Views: Ethics and Animal Rights,” published in 2010, which contains articles by 21 authors, mostly Brazilian.

Bravo, Ms. Silvana Andrade and News Agency of Animal Rights, on your devotion to our cherished animal friends. May you continue to share your compassionate and eco-protecting vision with as many people as possible, helping humanity’s transition to a long-lasting era of peace.

For their caring endeavors, Supreme Master Ching Hai is honoring News Agency of Animal Rights with the Shining World Compassion Award and US$10,000 to support their noble work.,r:6,s:0

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