An American dance instructor demonstrates her deep care for our co-inhabitants - 25 Feb 2011  
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In animal welfare news, an American dance instructor demonstrates her deep care for our co-inhabitants. Long-time vegan Ms. Cynthia King teaches a variety of styles including ballet and hip-hop at her studio in Brooklyn, New York. She offers the nation’s only cruelty-free ballet slippers, which actress Natalie Portman used for her highly lauded performance in the movie “Black Swan.” Ms. King also arranges trips for her students to visit the Farm Animal Sanctuary in rural New York, giving them the opportunity to get to know the unique and lovely beings living there. In addition, Ms. King holds artistic events with music, dance and poetry, providing children with the opportunity to portray animal friends, and then enjoy delectable plant-based treats.

Bravo, Ms. Cynthia King, for your creative methods of helping many to experience the beauty of our cherished co-inhabitants. May God bless you with many more years of continuing your noble work of integrating artistic expression with humanity’s innate compassion.
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