Japanese government suspends whaling - 20 Feb 2011  
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Japanese government suspends whaling. Thanks to the efforts of organizations such as Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, the Japanese government has announced it will stop its whale hunt for an undetermined amount of time. Every year, during the whale hunting season, Sea Shepherd activist ships inhabit the same waters as the whalers to protect the marine mammals from being caught and ultimately killed. In an interview with Supreme Master Television, Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd, who has also been honored with a Shining World Hero Award from Supreme Master Ching Hai, comments on the sentient nature of these gentle giants of the sea. 

Captain Paul Watson – Founder, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Shining World Hero Award laureate, Vegan (M): I’ve been involved with opposing whaling operations for 40 years and certainly the whales over the years I’ve seen that have been killed are in extreme agony. These are very highly intelligent, sensitive creatures and there’s certainly no doubt about it; we’ve heard them scream. It’s probably one of the cruellest slaughter of any wildlife species on the planet because it takes so long to kill a whale.

VOICE: Although there has been a commercial whaling moratorium in effect since the 1980s, an exception to the law allows for the hunting of whales for research purposes, which often leads to exploiting the animals for meat.

Captain Paul Watson (M): All we have to do really is to uphold international conservation law. We have all the rules, regulations and treaties we need to protect whales, but we have a lack of economic and political motivation on the part of governments to uphold those laws. So that’s why non-government organizations are forced to go in there and do the job that governments refuse to do.

VOICE: It is possible that more than 850 minke whales will be saved this season by the halt in whaling. In a recent interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) network, Captain Watson stated the group’s mission very simply as he said, “Every whale saved is a victory to us.”

We offer our gratitude and respect to Captain Watson and the other brave and resolute members of Sea Shepherd Conservation International for your efforts that have preserved the lives of these precious, intelligent, and sensitive sea mammals. May the day come soon that a complete and permanent ban on whaling is enacted throughout the world. For its courageous and compassionate endeavors, Supreme Master Ching Hai is sending a letter of special thanks and offering Sea Shepherd Conservation International US$50,000 to further its noble work.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Supreme Master Ching Hai has often spoken about the tremendously benevolent whales, as during a November 2009 videoconference in the United States, and in a more recent conference on February 9, revealed insight on the whales' and other animals' high level of God Quality through the following "Top 12" ranking.

Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai
and Supreme Master Television staff
February 9, 2011 – Los Angeles, California, USA
Supreme Master Ching Hai:
For example, the highest in the animal kingdom are dogs. And the second are whales. (Wow!) Third, dolphin. Number four, birds, like parrots. Number five, pigeons. Number six, rabbits. Number seven, cows. Number eight, deer. Number nine, tortoise. Number ten, penguin. Number eleven is peacock. Number twelve are the seals.

Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai
Washington, D.C., USA – November 8, 2009

Supreme Master Ching Hai:
in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), people build some small temples along the coast, many of them, to worship the whales because they want to show gratitude to the whales. Many of the boat people have been rescued by whales from the stormy sea or from a capsized boat; the whales rescue them in number. Since time immemorial, the Aulacese (Vietnamese) people have always built temples in gratitude to the whales. And these are the true stories. Not only do they bless us invisibly, they also rescue people at sea.

These animals, they were born here in order to balance it, to help us to fill in the void of love that we lost through our inconsiderate actions. But sadly, we kill them. If we can contact some of the best animal telepathic communicators, they will tell you that whales are the greatest love.

I have told about the different quality of love of different animals, and whales and seals are one of the few “number ones” in loving power. So, if we kill these beings we’re really killing ourselves. Now, if we let them live, then they will be able to bring back to Earth the powerful, unconditional love, and they do their noble mission knowingly.

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