Birds exposed to radiation have smaller brains - 07 Feb 2011  
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Birds exposed to radiation have smaller brains. In a recent peer-reviewed study published by the Public Library of Science, a team of scientists from Norway, France and the United States examined almost 550 birds from 48 different species located in areas around the site of the Chernobyl nuclear accident to evaluate radiation effects. They found that birds living in the Chernobyl region of the Ukraine had 5% smaller brains than the average size for their respective species. Radiation levels at Chernobyl are still significant even 25 years after the tragic accident, which led to the permanent evacuation of humans from the area. Although the mechanism is unclear, the scientists state it is possible that the lingering background radiation has resulted in reduced brain growth during the birds’ development.

Our thanks, international researchers, for highlighting the invasively harmful effects of nuclear radiation. May humanity soon shift to safe and abundant sustainable energy sources for the health of all cherished life and the planet.
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