First no-kill shelter in Queensland, Australia - 07 Feb 2011  
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First no-kill shelter in Queensland, Australia. Thanks to a life-sparing campaign called “Getting to Zero” begun by the Queensland state Animal Welfare League, the privately owned Sydney Cats and Dogs Home has pledged to refrain from killing adoptable animals in a mission to find homes for them all. This is the first animal shelter in the state to make such a commitment, which the volunteer staff says it hopes to achieve through such measures as widening its network of home foster caregivers to expand the facility’s current capacity of sheltering 150 animals that come from 11 council areas.

Our grateful thanks Sydney Cats and Dogs Home as well as Queensland Animal Welfare League for your compassionate and lifesaving efforts. May your endeavors inspire many more shelters throughout Queensland and beyond to benefit all cherished animal companions with the happiness and security of forever loving homes.

Supreme Master Ching Hai is caringly offering AUS$5,000 to help the life-saving Queensland Animal Welfare League's "Getting to Zero" endeavor.

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