Chaser the canine knows the names of over 1,000 toys - 06 Feb 2011  
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In animal news, Chaser the canine knows the names of over 1,000 toys. American Emeritus Psychology Professor Dr. John Pilley, of Wofford College, South Carolina spent three years training his six-year-old border collie companion, Chaser, to be able to identify 1,022 toys. Dr. Pilley then joined with Dr. Alliston Reid, also of Wofford College, to conduct more than 800 assessments to discover the extent of Chaser’s understanding. It was found that over 90% of the time Chaser retrieved the correct object when asked for it by name. In addition, the smart dog could group play things based on shape and function. These are skills that children develop at about the age of three.

Our thankfulness, Dr. Alliston Reid and Dr. John Pilley, for highlighting the amazing intelligence of loyal canine companions. May you have many joyous years, Chaser, in the company of your good friend Dr. John Pilley, continuing to share your many wonderful gifts.
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